Babylon's Bankers


January 26, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

For quite some time as most of you know, I've been blogging about the bearer bonds scandals, the increasing calls for gold repatriation from the New York Fed, and the fact that, as I observed in my News and Views from the Nefarium for last week, the recent call by Germany to repatriate its gold from the New York Fed is, as Max Keiser put it, a kind of declaration of war. This, as I have mentioned many times, Germany would not have done unilaterally unless there was at least another major power backing them, i.e., Russia and/or China. I strongly suspect, in other words, that Chancellorin Merkel's recent trip to Beijing with virtually her entire "cabinet" in tow was to hold secretive discussions over what to do about this global financial mess that the USA has put everyone in, doubtless with the listening ear of Moscow to Beijing and Berlin's deliberations.

In this context, several weeks ago, I mentioned that one thing that one might look for increasingly as the financial mess is reflected in geopolitical maneuverings, is for Russia to step up in its traditional role as protector of the smaller Orthodox nations of the Balkans, and specifically, I mentioned that one might expect Greece to reach out to Russia. Well, it seems that some of these musings may actually be occurring. Consider this: the Russian energy giant, Gazprom corporation, may be looking to buy Greece's petroleum company, DEPA, from that government:

Gazprom may buy gas company DEPA from cash hungry Greece

Into this mix we must inject the other consideration: Germany's quite but insistent demand - for that is what it is, a demand - to bring its gold home from the Federal Reserve, a move that may now be set to spread to Switzerland (and enjoy the English version of German syntax here folks):

Gold initiative prepares the SNB headache

Let us be very clear what this means. It means, in my opinion, at the minimum, the following three things:

  1. There is a geopolitical realignment taking place, and it may split Europe de facto into two camps, the eastern European one, dominated by Russia and Germany (an old nightmare for Western elites and geopoliticians), and a western one, dominated by France, the UK, Spain, and, of course, the USA. Italy is odd man out here and may increasingly play on both sides, a roll familiar to Italian foreign policy in the period from the Italian Unification under Garibaldi and Mazzini up to the outbreak of World War One (remember, Italy was entangled in pre-war alliances with the Central Powers, yet entered the War on the side of the Allies);
  2. There is a breakdown of trust, not so much between central banks, as between some European banks and governments, and the Federal Reserve. The reasons for this, as I have offered here repeatedly, are that these banks and their governments have probably assessed the meaning of the bearer bonds scandals along more or less the same lines as I have, namely, that the gold represented in the bonds scandals has been misused and re-hypothecated by the Fed to prop up a vast scheme of covert wars and a military machine. To repatriate the gold is to put an end to the system propping up American military power, for it is aiming directly at the financial heart of that covert-warfare military industrial beast;
  3. Additionally, these governments may have realized that this system was also used to create a covert research capability and perhaps even an avdance off-planet capability scouting out off planet resources(much like the Templars were secretly scouting out North America and conducting limited trade long before the public explorations and trade began)... a monopoly that would give the USA-UK financial oligarchy an enormous power. Repatriating the gold means that this system is in the crosshairs, and the monopolistic hold will not be tolerated. The analogy of  a secret Templar fleet to the modern supposition of a secret space fleet in this respect seems particularly compelling.

The bottom line  is this, with the Germans calling for a repatriation of their gold (and the Swiss quietly thinking the same thing) a seismic geopolitical and economic shift is underway... but for those paying attention, the factional infighting among the globalist elites that I have been talking about for so long, just become a lot more open. Make no mistake, this is, for the moment, a clear indicator that the Anglo-American financial oligarchy is in serious trouble, for a major component of the postwar structure appears to be breaking away, before others can break away...

.... if you take my meaning...

See you on the flip side.