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January 7, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

I've scarcely withheld my feelings on this site toward the radical socialism creeping through Dummycrookery, and the just plain kookery of Republithuggery. Bottom line: I'm bi-partisan: I loathe the Dummycrooks and Republithugs equally, because in the final analysis, they are but one party with two differing philosophies on how they want to rob us of our few remaining freedoms. For those reading this site outside the USA, it may seem an irrelevant point to talk about American politics, its nauseating character, and the nauseating twits in both parties (just think Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Sarah Pain....and let's not forget the very definition of the stink of corruption: the Bushes, the stench of power mad pragmatism: the Clintons, and the just plain power mad sleaze: [think Lyndon Johnson here, or Barmitt Obromneyack]). But as America slides into increasing illiteracy, cultural barbarism (think American Idol here or those silly "reality" shows, or the wretched music we export to the world), and unfettered imperialism, when it falls apart, it could well take western culture with it.

But to abandon the invective hyperbole for a moment, and to be serious, the disenchantment with both political parties is deep. We have in the United States essential a party of the Left that talks like it's on the right, but when it comes to actual action, has done essentially nothing to roll back the radicalism of the party of the Far Left in terms of policy or programs. We have no genuine party of the center, much less the right, unless one numbers the Libertarians on the right. Hence, during the last presidential (s)election here, when our choices were Barmitt Obromneyack or Barmitt Obromneyack, I urged those fed up like myself simply vote "no confidence."

In case you haven't heard, however, there is a trend that began in ca 2009-2010 to revive precisely that center and to give it actual political representation.  In this case, there is what appears to be a semi-serious effort to revive the Whig party in the last two years. In the context of the theatrics of the last presidential selection, the fall in voter turnout(reflecting voter turn off) and more recently, in the context of the theatrics of the "fiscal cliff" while the derivatives issue and bankster fraud continue unabated, here's a story from 2011 that bears mentioning, and watching;

3rd Party Rising: The Modern Whig Party is Back With A Vengeance

Home Modern Whig Party Service and Solutions

Yes, you read that right...the Whig party...the party that gave us such stellar presidential luminaries as  Millard Fillmore, Zachary Taylor, and if you know your history well enough, Abraham Lincoln, who left the party to jump to the new Republican party.

What arrests my thought here is first the very definite perception that the two parties of the USA, the party of the Left and of the Far Left, have abandoned the center, while the party of the Left courts the radical religious right in this country, leaving  the centrists remaining in both parties out in the cold. It is this perception that the new party is designed to fill. Whether it will be successful or not, it is a clear signal that the long term political landscape is shifting, because the culture is shifting. It also indicates, perhaps, a growing disenchantment within the ranks of the party of the Left at the insider establishment that seems to be running it solely for its own power and profit (think Karl Rove here). Many would also opine that the party of the Left has to somehow lose its association with Evangelicals in order to regain its appeal to the center, a sentiment with which I would wholeheartedly concur; after all, would there really be as large a Libertarian movement if  this party had not made this unwholesome marriage of conservatism and fundamentalist evangelicalism in the Reagan era? I personally doubt it.

But there is a second factor that arrests my thought, and that is the clear indication in this article that the new Whiggery was initiated by disgruntled members of the military who are fed up with the way both the Left and Far Left parties have handled military affairs... in other words, this is a kind of "grass roots military revolt..."... Or is it? Could it be something deeper?

Maybe... I doubt it, but maybe. Time will tell... if the party survives, and actually begins to attract big money beyond its apparent numbers, I would tend to be skeptical. But it remains a possibility, for it was take the most blind and deaf oligarch not to realize that their standard smoke and mirrors games run through Dummycrookery and Republithuggery are losing votes and voters... people are too cynical of most government and corporate institutions, not to mention the two parties.  The center just no longer cares, really, which Barmitt Obromneyack wins, because neither one represents it.

Hence the idea of a kind of modern Whiggery is arresting. There are no grand principles here, such as inform, and in some cases, radicalize the other third parties by wrapping them in dogmas of their respective political faiths to be defended at all costs. There is a kind of broad cultural conservatism here, mixed with a healthy blend of Libertarian principles of individual and local government freedom. And there are as well some things that would give the modern conservative pause.

Nonetheless, it's one more indicator on the political landscape of the deep cultural crisis America is now in. Whether the Modern Whig party gains any traction or not is, therefore, in the final analysis immaterial. What it represents is growing disenchantment... and if the recent proclamations of Their Majesties Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell and Boehner are any indicator, the next four years will look like the last 12, on steroids.

The disenchantment, if not Whiggery, will only grow. For me? I am not jumping on any political bandwagons, but this one may be, like the seeds planted by Ron Paul, something to watch closely.

See you on the flip side