January 19, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

The old Chinese adage has it, may you live in interesting times. Certainly a corollary to that would be: May you see central bank Anglo-American financial-military-industrial-intelligence-covert ops-underground drug-running oligrachies exposed, and in this respect the Germans have certainly been one of the principles in this opera that is somewhere between Die Zauberfloete and Goetterdaemmerung.  But in this Wolfgang Amadeus Wagner libretto, the chorus line is equally interesting, because the list of countries who suspect something is mightily amiss with their gold reserves is growing. First, Venezuela, and following its entry strage left, we had Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and now Ireland seems to be ignoring the political blarny and wanting an accounting:

Does Bank Of England Hold €235 Million Of Irish Gold Reserves?

You'll note that Zero Hedge here is concentrating on the main point, but somewhat understating it: the main point is that people aren't losing faith in central banks (even though they are), the real point is, some central banks are losing faith in other central banks, namely, the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street and the abyssally corrupt, crooked, and probably grotesquely fraudulent Federal Reserve. There's more:

"Ireland's finance minister, Michael Noonan, has also been asked about the country's gold vaulted at the Bank of England, such as whether the gold is held in allocated form with a bar list available and whether the gold is leased out into international markets. Answers are as of yet not forthcoming."(Emphasis added)

With that, we have the real story, though again, the main point seems to be missing here.

The main point folks, in my opinion, is that the whole bearer bonds scandal is ultimately what lies behind these moves to audit and/or repatriate gold. Why? Because you'll recall, the main argument I made in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations is that in spite of official pronouncements that the bearer bonds of the Bearer Bonds Scandals are fraudulent and counterfeit, so what? One doesn't counterfeit what at some level does not exist. And you'll also recall that said bearer bonds were all issued not by the US Treasury but by the Federal Reserve, and issued against gold, and that so much was issued against this gold that it would appear that the bullion itself was rehypothecated many times over... creating a vast, leveraged system.

So "answers are not yet forthcoming" because any audit would at least partially expose this re-hypothecation, and those behind it. Let us be clear: what is being exposed, in my opinion - and in this let us also acknowledge that I am indulging in high octane speculation and that I am standing almost completely alone in this interpretation - is a vast hidden system of finance created at the end of World War Two largely by American intelligence with the complicity of European nations' intelligence, militaries, and elements of their financial communities... it is this structure that is being challenged and exposed, and here's the bad news folks: it's an attempt to isolate the dollar... whose backing now hangs on re-hypothecated gold and a vast military and intelligence network... think Venice folks, because what we're witnessing may be the beginning of a financial "War of the League of Cambrai..."

See you on the flip side...