January 10, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

As most of you know, I've been very concerned on this site about the phenomenon of genetically modified organisms entering our food supply. While I have talked mostly about Duponzanto's genetically modified crops - and the government and legal abuses accompanying them, in Transhumanism: A Grimoir of Alchemical Agendas my co-author Scott de Hart and I also talked about the modification of animal organisms. Our concerns when we wrote that book were about the possibility of engineered genetic mutations jumping from one species(the genetically modified plant) to another (humans). And I have also blogged here about the recent advances in anti-aging genetics, as scientists have now found the "aging gene" in mice... and turned it off.

Well, with all that background in mind, ponder this(so many of you sent me these two articles that it wasn't even funny!):

Genetically modified 'Frankenfish' set to hit shelves after FDA finds salmon that grows twice as fast as normal poses no threat to human health

FDA Says Giant, Genetically Modified Salmon Is Environmentally Safe

Now...ponder those opening three paragraphs from the first article carefully:

"A salmon genetically modified to grow twice as fast as normal earning a nickname of ‘Frankenfish’ has been approved by federal health regulators making it the first scientifically engineered animal for human consumption.

"The Food and Drug Administration on Friday released its environmental assessment of the AquaAdvantage salmon, a faster-growing fish which has been subject to a contentious, yearslong debate at the agency.

"The document concludes that the fish 'will not have any significant impacts on the quality of the human environment of the United States.' Regulators also said that the fish is unlikely to harm populations of natural salmon, a key concern for environmental activists."

When we wrote Transhumanism one of the things we were concerned about what what other researchers had already discovered, namely, that the revolving door between the corporations with a vested interest in seeing their genetic modifications being accepted into the food supply, and the FDA, was constantly turning. Indeed, the relationship could be construed as incestuous, making the FDA but a corporate mouthpiece and ultimately not an objective measure of the safety of the products themselves.

But as the first article makes clear, even the FDA seems to be balking just a tiny bit (not too much to be sure) on this one.

And it's easy to see why: with the horizontal transposons now being documented  - i.e., it is now a matter of record that genetic modifications of crops are crossing species and causing health problems - it becomes conceivable to imagine that a salmon, modified to grow twice as fast, might induce a similar effect in humans that consume it. We already see the effects in the general population of the injection of steroids into cattle, for our population today is generally taller than that of yesteryear, which did not consume such modified meat.

Hence, it is conceivable that regular consumption of such salmon might cause humans to grow faster... we can even envision monstrous possibilities: would humans reach adulthood much earlier? Would they continue to grow? Would consumption of this fish cause gigantism and all its ills? Would humans, because they grow faster, also perhaps age faster?

We don't know... and that's the point: we don't know because in the final analysis testing of genetically modified organisms has yet to be done on any serious long term basis. Once again, the FDA has failed.

See you on the...oh, yea, one more thing. While you're pondering that, consider this article sent to me (by Ms. P.H.):

Girls hit puberty earlier than ever, and doctors aren't sure why I'm done.

See you on the flip side.