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January 15, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell it's Poland. This nation has joined the growing list of countries, particularly in Europe, that are displaying some rationality and caution with respect to Duponzanto and Mon(ster)santo and the bland corporate and US government assurances that GMOs are entirely safe, when a growing body of evidence suggests that there are indeed horizontal transfers from GMOs to those organisms consuming them. In any case, back to Poland. Here is the article:

Poland Bans Genetically Modified Crops

Now, let's look at something from this article carefully. Imagine reading the following statement from your congressman, or senator, or even (perish the thought) an FDA spokesman:

"To justify the enactment of these regulations, the Ministry of Agriculture pointed out to the impossibility of the coexistence of GM crops and the natural varieties, without the risk of contamination of the latter. The Ministry also draws attention to the threat of contamination of honey by pollen of maize MON 810 and the lack of research supporting the safety of GM crops on the environment and human health. From now on, a farmer who illegally sows MON 810 maize or Amflora potato may be levied with severe financial penalties and even with the destruction of his crop."(emphasis added)

For me, the danger of GMOs has not resided solely in the potential effects, nor in the dangerous lack of adequate long term testing, nor even in the mafia-like tactics with which these wretched "agri-business" corporations have pursued farmers who didn't even want their crops, but whose fields were discovered to be growing them simply due to such contamination. It is this contamination  - the potential that natural crops, the products of years, centuries, of agronomic practice, could be undone for nothing other than simple greed. Poland's Ministry of agriculture has seen the potential clearly, and stated it clearly, not with the flannel-mouthed unctuousness of the bought-and-paid for American politician or bureaucrat. It's another sad reminder that other governments in the world are far more responsive to the public good  of their people in some respects than America's.

What really intrigues me, however, is again the timing of this announcement, for it's yet another indicator that the once solid ties between Europe and the USA are slowly eroding, a thread at a time. In this case, it's a significant thread, from a significant friend and ally, Poland. Agribusiness is big business for the USA, and banning GMOs is taking aim at a significant portion of America's corporate economy and the agendas driving it, one which we might qualify as a kind of "food imperialism."  With enough countries in Europe and elsewhere defending their own seeds and health, the rift will grow wider.

Gold...and GMOs... the rift is growing wider

See you on the flip side.