cosmic war


January 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one came to me courtesy of a few of you, and I thought it was worth a bit of a commentary here. It seems now that the globaloney elites have another concern to preoccupy their idly-rich and horribly addled minds, namely, that their whole carefully crafted "climate change" meme may be hijacked by some "rogue nation" with the technology to "go it alone"(they've carefully dropped the "global warming monniker, you'll notice, since they were caught red-handed doctoring the "science" and "scientific data"):

Report: Rogue Nation Could “Hijack” Globalist-Patented Geo-Engineering Schemes

The essence of the concern is this:

"In sketching out this specter of doom, the World Economic Forum carefully omits the fact that the concept of global climate change has already been hijacked- in the 1960s, by megalomaniac control freaks who admittedly used the concept of man-made climate change to force the world to adapt draconian population control measures and other globally regulated strangleholds. Intead, the WEF rather sketches a James Bond-type scenario in which some goldfinger with v-shaped eyebrows in, say, Iran sends out fleets of airplanes buzzing around to inject the atmosphere with chemicals."

Now, for the chemtrail fans here, this is, in one sense, good news, for at least it constitutes some sort of grim admission, no matter how bare, that such spraying isn't a figment of the imagination of wild conspiracy theorists, but has actually been occurring. There is, after all, "approved spraying" (we are doing it) and "unapproved spraying" (they are doing it).If you're doubting that "they" (meaning "we") would be so colossally stupid, they admit they'd (we'd) like to spray gobs of sulphur into the atmosphere:

“'Recent studies', the report goes on to state, 'suggest that a small fleet of aircraft could inject a million tonnes of sulphur compounds into the stratosphere – enough to offset roughly half of the global warming experienced to date – for US$1-2 billion annually.'"

Indeed. In 2010 David Keith, director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy, has proposed releasing engineered nano-sized discs in the earth’s atmosphere to “offset global warming”- and that for just $ 1 billion of your taxpayer-money annually.

“'You could manipulate the Earth’s climate at large scale for a cost that’s of the order of $1 billion a year. It sounds like a lot of money, but compared to the costs of managing other environmental problems or climate change, that is peanuts”' Keith told Nanowerk News.

Hmmm....nanodisks? Sulphur?  the last time I checked, brimstone was the favored air freshener of a hot location reserved for the worst malcontents. Are "they" merely wanting to terraform the whole world into an environment "more like home"?

Now, if you're under any illusions who "they" are here, the article is good enough to spell it out:

"The elitist Council on Foreign Relations wholeheartedly agrees with him. In the course of 2008, the CFR held several workshops dedicated to “Planetary Scale Geoenigineering” efforts after painting the environmental situation as being direr than the facts suggest.

"Holdren’s participation in the Goldman Sachs conference was no incidental occurrence. In September of 2006, when Holdren was still director of the Woods Hole Research Center, he teamed up with the representative of the Goldman Sachs Center for Environmental Management."

The Council on Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs... want to do a little geo-engineering and terraforming, and the cover story (note what I just said, the cover story) is to offset "global warming and greenhouse gases."  How do I know it's a cover story? Well, I don't, except for the fact that these people are sociopathically incapable of telling an unvarnished truth. They're so wrapped in a tapestry and web of lies of their own invention that they actually believe them, and believe their methods might actually work.

But there's a hidden side to this article, and that hidden side is that such spraying technologies are really only the tip of a huge geo-engineering technological iceberg, as I outlined in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations. I suspect (here comes the high octane speculation) that there are much more hidden agendas here, and that, for whatever reasons, the decision has been taken to remake the environment, either to the bare minimum necessary to sustain the human presence on earth against whatever might usurp it, or the opposite.

As usual, we're not being told the whole story. All those trillions represented in the Bearer Bonds Scandals can, as I said there, buy a whole lot of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, solar flares, and "geo-engineering."

See you on the flip side...