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January 18, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, if you've been holding your breath waiting for the Amerikan lamestream media to report anything about the GMO foods debate, you're probably turning purple by now. And here's a story that you probably didn't hear about while you were holding your breath:

Farmers demand an appeal in Monsanto GMO case

The essence of this lawsuit is here:

"Last February, District Court Judge Naomi Buchwald dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association in which the plaintiffs sought legal protection from Monsanto, a billion-dollar corporation that has grown exponentially in recent years to become a dominating figure in the American agricultural market. Small time farmers say there is a reason for that, though, and they want the courts to do something about it.

"Before Judge Buchwald rejected their plea, the plaintiffs wanted the government to step in to make sure small time farmers would no longer be sued by Monsanto, a company that has introduced a number of lawsuits in recent years against independent growers.

"In addition to being a titan in the agricultural field, Monsanto is also known for patenting genetically modified seed types that can spawn crops that rival the ones made by Mother Nature. While those products are a hot commodity among some farmers, others aren’t fortunate enough to add them to their fields. That isn’t to say the occasional wind gust or other method doesn’t move those GMO seeds onto unlicensed farms, though, and Monsanto has spent millions to sue farmers that infringe, even accidently, on their costly patent.

That's right. Mon(ster)santo and other "agribusiness" companies sue farmers who didn't even want their seeds, and who end up with fields containing Mon(ster)santo products by dint of some act of nature: birds that eat the monsterseeds and drop them, wind gusts...

This, of course, is not justice, but we shouldn't really expect that from a government system wholly bought and paid for in classic mercantilist fashion. You read it correctly: those who don't want the damned crap don't even have "standing" with the "court."  Only those able to offer a few hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions, or in "consultancy contracts" (bribes), have "standing."

But what is really galling - in view of the sickeningly Disney-esque commercials of said company now appearing on lamestream television of happy smiling GMOed farmers -is that the story had to appear in RT.  It is a sad indicator in one sense, of how far gone the culture in North Amerika now is, but in another sense, it is yet another reminder that, all along, that lamestream media has been feeding a carefully crafted directed narrative. This time, that "feeding" is quite literal, and both the "food" and the narrative accompanying it, are carefully crafted.  Let's all hope that more countries around the world wake up to this danger, and save the real seeds for future generations, because it won't be happening here any time soon.

See you on the flip side.