Cosmic Warfare


Now, interjecting an article about UFO secrecy in general, and American government UFO secrecy in particular, into the over all context of a running series of blogs commenting about gold repatriation, hidden systems of finance, re-hypothecation, and seismic German geopolitical realignments, may seem like the surest form of irrelevance and madness, but I assure you, there's method in it. The method is suggested by this article in the European Times:

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

In my opinion, there have been two secret and hidden factors to geopolitics since the end of World War Two, and these are (1) the UFO and its implications, and (2) American "UFO unilateralism."

In Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations I argued that the culture of the breakaway civilization grew out of three factors, each necessitating great secrecy:

  1. The need to reconnoiter, contain, roll back, and ultimately defeat Soviet Communism, a requirement necessitating funding for covert operations and the establishment of the apparatus (spy satellites, advanced aircraft, and intelligence and operational cells) to do so;
  2. The need to reconnoiter, contain, roll back, and ultimately defeat the UFO (if necessary), a requirement necessitating the acquisition of technologies to emulate the UFO and necessitating the acquisition of technologies to convince their operators, whoever they may be, not to tangle with Earth. In effect, what is being argued, is that a kind of covert psyop was being waged against the UFO, a point to which we shall return momentarily; and finally, these two factors required,
  3. A vast system of financing, based on huge amounts of leverage applied over time.

As I noted in that book, the core of this otherwise international structure was solidly American. As such, I believe UFO secrecy became the order of the day, not only in order to safeguard any technological secrets that might be gained, but also for an entirely different reason, one having to do with psychological operations.

To be sure, to create the vague public impression that the UFO and its technologies may have been recovered and reverse engineered by the USA and/or any of its allies would have been a profound psychological operation against the strategic planners in the Kremlin. The secrecy surrounding the subject meant that in this game of geopolitical seven card stud, the hole cards may have been something completely unforeseen and something totally eclipsing the known and public technological capabilities of the West's and America's military.

In Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, however, I argued that much UFO activity seems to have been centered on reconnoitering both American and Russian thermonuclear capabilities, and that, indeed, some actions of UFOs would have been interpreted by the military establishments of the two superpowers as nothing less than hostile or at the minimum potentially threatening. And in fact, as is now well known, President Reagan mentioned a hostile extraterrestrial threat in his personal meetings with General Secretary Gorbachev in their summits.

In the context of the culture predominating within this postwar covert warfare-research structure in the USA, I argued in that book that this would have led to the response to the Soviet Union being adopted as the model for its longer term and more serious potential threat, the UFO.  Thus, we arrive at psychological operations as a reason for the potential for UFO secrecy, for what this approach means is that UFO secrecy may be directed as much toward the operators of UFOs themselves, and not arise out of any malicious intention to withhold information from the public. It is, as Mr. Richard Dolan has so often and aptly reminded us, the policy of a national security state.  Thus the secrecy may arise from the need to conceal the actual state of human achievement, and probable responses, to any potential threat, as well as the fact that it may arise from other cultural considerations often rehearsed in the literature.In short, this group was saying the same thing to UFO operators, as to the Soviet Union: You don't really know what we have, nor are capable of...  It was and I suspect remains to a great degree a game of blind man's bluff.

This would particularly be the case if threat assessment teams in the militaries of both countries assumed that there was a real threat... which inevitably they would have had to conclude, given the nature of some UFO events in connection with the militaries of the two countries.

And that leads us back to gold, gold repatriation, and geopolitics, and what Prime Minister Medvedev may actually be saying here. But for that, we'll have to wait for part two...

...see you on the flip side...


  1. I read this article (some of it) in Pakalertpress… I then tried to watch the video with English subs. It’s been “taken off”. Was it ever there I wonder?

    “Medvedev, however, wasn’t referring to the American movie but was, instead, talking about the famous Russian movie documentary Men In Black which details many UFO and alien anomalies. [Full MIB length movie in Russian with English subtitles can be viewed HERE.]”

    Sorry, just googled it and here it is:

  2. I was unable to substantiate the ‘report’ by the Russian foreign ministry searching for it on their website. Can anyone answers the old lady? “Where’s the beef!?”

    1. It appears to be a ‘Sorcha Faal’ propaganda piece. RUBBISH!

      Do a search on the following combination:

      “Sorcha Faal” Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will Russia Orders Obama

      Many have already been bitten by several other such contrivances from that very same link provided by JPF.


      Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists as New Massacre Fears Rise –

      There are a few other such outlandish psyche-shredders to be found there also, traceable back to the same source. BTW…. Faal has been linked back to the Cocaine Importers of America (CIA)

      Sorcha Faal attempting to turn the ‘Internets’ into a yammering tower of babble.

      1. The very frightening thing is how quickly it propagates and the number of people that whole heartedly believe these false injections.

        There was another Faal incident a few months ago where a story broke about a massive gas explosion somewhere in Indiana. Faal peppered the facts of the story with artful psychology that played on the publics fear and discontent. He had turned the story into a drone attack launched onto the public by Obama…….no kidding.

        The people’s comments in some of the blogs were tripping all over each other with speculation of what was to come.

        Unbelievably, that story is still out there with legs of its own. I think even Gordon Duff got tangled up in that one for a moment.

        Wisner’s Wurlitzer….preparing the public mind for something!!!????

        1. Indeed… I had a similar reaction and said so on my Facebook wall, and probably should’ve done so here. This one seems now even to have reached, according to some, into Davos. Go figure. I still think MUCH of the RESPONSE to the whole UFO issue needs to be considered from the point of view of covert ops, whether against “them” or “us”…

          1. Davos! Interesting, along with your link below!

            I get the distinct feeling the ‘prison guards’ incapable of holding it in much longer are prepared to break bad wind big time and soon.

            Within this physical matrix into which we are born, we all know that every pattern is cyclical and all events travel in circles, including the mundane bowel of water when flushed down the commode. So it is true that as we approach that, so called, Age of Aquarius; when all lost memories will be reignited and everything revealed, we begin to witness chimera of remembrances as they begin to flitter through, in the process upsetting the fake thrones who have set up shop within the temporal realm. They begin to scramble in effort to maintain their grip on this ‘alternate’ state.

            Those ‘ancient high tech’ footprints that appear to our senses; governed by this matrix of form, are the resulting artifacts of our forbearers who broke free from their exiled, or chosen foray into the land of shadows and…..

            “And at the end of our searching, we shall arrive at the beginning, and know the place for the first time.” – TS Elliot. The Egyptians referred to this place of “The First Time” as Zep Tepi.

            Peace, Best Wishes and Hope

  3. hello joseph, i disagree with u, conceal the actual state of human achievement…
    spy system of alien nations r highly advanced to have perfect knowledge of d scientific level of both “superpowers”. I will hardly believe aliens do not know d best of their weapons, and da bluff they wud’ show.
    both “superpowers” do not respresent any match to those visitors.
    i dont believe also, dat aliens r interested on their nuclear achievements, so primitive….

    1. And I disagree with you, and many in UFOlogy,who assume that “they” (if there is a they) are hundreds or thousands or millions of years more advanced than we…. the curve of progress isn’t arithmetic, it’s geometric, hyperbolic, and thus a few years, not many….

  4. This sounds way too much like “our benevolent dictators are just trying to keep us safe from the UFO” for my tastes.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    If you want to find the alien, look into the mirror. At this point in time, it looks like “they” visted our solar system. Also, it is possible that “they” were “generated” on some other planet, within this solar system.
    As for now, “they” have moved on, but their “seed” has been planted.
    This “Playhouse 90” taking stage now, is a classic Psych Ops. These Flying Saucers, exotic energies, ect., are our discoveries made by; not only accessing ancient writing/relics, but by our “engineered” intelligence(s). What has been seeded? Is still unknown.
    But it very well be – the whole shebang(universe).

    Where did they go?
    Well, part of that answer is …they didn’t.

    1. Robert, seeded DNA you say?

      If anyone asks me about all this UFO hullerbaloo, I would think –“Someone traded the Cow for some Magic beans, ha, ha!”

      Your right about ‘Looking in the Mirror.” We should learn a little bit more about Inner Space before we go trouncing out in Outer Space?”

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Yes Paul, there is a “controlling” factor that has been wedded to our dna. This is also in conjunction with the environment. A “fated” gene, if you will, that moves us toward some “goal”. I’ve “seen” it “in” action as having an intimate relationship/synchronic with language. But the “language” is “visual/symbolic” in nature and interactive/ IF one can get “in”. I just scratched the surface here. I once tried too “smoke “it” out and I’ve found a fire that’s nothing to play with. Frankly, it blew my mind.
        It’s sinister beyond belief. There is a duality here. Fantasy on the one side. Cold-bolded relity on the other side. Both intwind like dna, but there’s more here than meets the eye.

        File this under:
        strickly GI – gibberin idiot that is.

      2. Robert Barricklow

        It is, unfortunately, not possible to convey the work of science without using language filled with metaphors. There is a great risk of confusing nthe metaphor with the thing of real interst. We cease to see the world AS if it were LIKE a machine and take it to BE a machine. The problem then becomes that the questions we ask reinforce the metaphor & we miss aspects that do not fit the metaphor. San serjant et sans seneschal(w/o servant or steward).
        In a curious sense dna is really a study of the shape of the environmental space, and the organisms themselves are nothing but the passive medium through which we see the shape of the external world. They do; however, reflect, if you will the iron fillings of the environmental field. Sometimes the conditions whicvh makle possible the coming into being of a “state” of the “system” are abolished by that state(light/shade).

        1. so are you of the camp that speaks of the stuarts being mere stewarts of the realm? Not something I either agree or dis agree with or even understand fully.

          the system though behaves as a machine in its precise, repeatable, and predictable movements. Something that the masses have been fooled into thinking is random. Thats a deception and for what purpose?

          If we were crafted by ?, would that not make us the property of the craftors? The legal precedent of monsanto copyrighting living organism could then legally be applied to crafted humans if it were indeed true. …and that would be a very clever anti thera would”nt it….if it was a lie.

          1. Robert Barricklow

            Precisely what puzzles me jedi. Though the puzzles changes, as the pieces move into place. Is this not really, just another “deja-vu” moment of/in discovery?
            This is also, the theme of Shakespear’s Julius Ceasar; wherein, Brutus & Ceasar, start qeustioning Fate. Is it in our stars, or not? The beauty of the play, is that both Ceasar & Brutus, change viewpoints at the end/though both are still at polar opposites of spectrum.

            Et Tu Brute?

          2. the scorpions wound from its bite appears as a kiss….the kiss of death.

            its been suggested that Caesar suffered from a blood disorder…..perhaps that is what metaphorically is stated in genesis, a genetic disorder, that causes all sorts of problems to ones mental health….using knowledge of good and evil over others to feed oneself.
            or….something was screwing around with human dna to make stupid slaves and that forbidden knowledge has been used as a phy ops weapon to guilt us into being the branded man living in our own creation when in fact it is there creation, the prison state.

          3. Robert Barricklow

            In a real sense human beings are “trust machines”. The historical “progress” od industrialization has determined from its very beginning that human trust be transformed. The complexity of modern life advances every day, requiring more and more “system-trust”, which also reduces social complexity-once again-by raising out tolerance for the uncertainty of the future outcome. Ironically, however, in a kind of Malthusian dilemma, as complexity is increasingly resolved by abstract trust, society is freed to become more complex, requiring a greater & greater extention & abstraction of trust.
            The U.S., as you know, not only has a geater percentage of prisoners than the “authoritarian-state China”; but also, a greater number of prisoners! China probably has over a billion people more than the U.S.!

          4. Robert check out “killing them softly”. Brad Pitts latest offering.

            The end line says it all “America isn’t a country, its a business, now pay up”.

            Esoterically frightening film, and it nails your recent posts on wonderland and brutal reality of nature … pole opposites.

            Thanks a bunch for the patience of explaining these simplistic yet confusing topics. Your what I call a honorable fellow.

          5. Robert Barricklow

            I’am putting “killing them softly” on my radar with your analyses up fron and center. (I usaually wait for dvd at library)

            I thoght of Picasso when reading your post.
            Art is a form of magic designed as a mediator between this strange hostile world and us.

            And thank you jedi, your perspective helps me with mine. (as mine is, ever changing)

      3. Robert Barricklow

        The Cow is actually a good reason for civilazation’s presence. Without the raw milk of those domesticated “cows”, would civilization have happened? The magic beans for the cow, might be those of the jolly green’s monster-monsanto-package deal with the devil.
        This “alien” thing is the next step in the hit parade of the communist, terorist, alien/step ladder of enemies.
        The inner-space question is paramount; as is the one of dimensions.
        Profit is certainly a false God to worship; especially, in the name of science.

  6. So the topic is “UFO Secrecy”, well let’s stand back for a moment and see what we have here.

    The is an enormous amount of books on the subject, aka Richard Dolan & Jim Marrs etc. In my experience in researching the ET/UFO issue, I always end up in Egypt or Mesopotamia, ain’t that strange.

    As for the actual “Secrecy”, may I suggest you go to Dr Stephen Greer’ web site and buy the three “Disclosure Project” DVD’.

    The first disc is the “National Press Club” in Washington DC, then that is followed by two “Witness Testimony” DVD’ which are both two hours long.

    In these two witness testimony disc’s, you will hear not only testimony by military and commercial pilot’s etc, but there is a whole section on disc two about “why the secrecy”, these disc’s are just an excellent piece of the puzzle on the UFO subject and there are some excellent people interviewed. Including Lt Col Tom Bearden who Dr Farrell talks about in some of his books, and an old gentleman named Daniel Salter who worked for the NRO and some of the things he talks about will have you in no doubt, that we are being visited and it has been the biggest cover up of all time.

    1. odd that rather ending in Egypt or Mesopotania you dont end up in the devils lair of the EAST.

      hundreds of pyramids…check
      largest royal forbidden city…check
      slavery …..check
      vatican headquarters in the forbidden city….check
      100 million man army…check
      cover up of ancient royaly…check

      check check check…

      the devil favorite trick is to make you think he doesnt exist…chasing phantom menaces….

      nice wall they built eh….

      1. Yep hear what your saying, but the clincher is…….what do you believe?

        In other words, disinformation has it’s limit’s in the eyes of the watcher, the UFO issue invented disinformation at best. The only thing that intrigues me is that, “is everybody lying”?

        I’m just a humble human who believes and disbelieves, you have to take a look at history to see in our past, a very high civilisation who was here a very long time ago, ET’s, maybe, maybe not. I just know the were……..wery wery smart…..I’m hunting rabbits!!!!!!!!

          1. nano nano
            -mork and mindy

            for their power is in their mouths, and in their tails. for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.
            rev 9

  7. Joseph!

    I hate to break it to ya Joseph! But this story too may very well be a ‘Sorcha Faal’ plant.

    Many have already been bitten by another one from this very same site:

    Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists as New Massacre Fears Rise –

    Be careful my friend! Seems like the Wurlitzer is attempting to turn the ‘Internets’ into a Tower of Babble.

  8. it never ceases to amaze me how many reports there are of imminent governmental disclosure re: ET- right- it’s “Waiting for Godot”-

    and we read/view how many YouTube videos show alien craft above the earth’s atmosphere/behind the moon/up our urethras, etc.

    of course this is all a psy-op-

    but: the testimonies of almost totally unknown British mayor Simon Parkes (and he’s the only one) leave me flabbergasted (search-engine his name)- then make up your own mind about what he has to say about ET (I still have reservations about him but he’s the only one I’ve discovered that MAY be telling some truths)-

    enough for now (probably already too much if one search-engines Parkes’ name)–

    hope all are well-

    Larry in Germany

    1. It ties in with Carl Munck recent announcement on red ice radio, he said aliens showed him how to decode the pyramids and then mind wiped him to forget….and Wayne Hershels site exposes the layout of the vatican as well as dozens of ancient cities layout to a certain star system. The whole nile pyramid layout is a representation of the milky way.

      There little star ritual was also shown in the movie eyes wide shut, previous to the orgy scene, with a Transylvania monk chant being played in reverse..

      1. Hi jedi,

        I don’t recall any statement by a so-called Carl Munck on redice- I follow redice with zeal (although with some reservations)- yes, I listened to the group of 5 (6?) groups’ planned Egypt tour- well and good-

        but I just don’t understand the gist of your reply; the topic of this posting was UFO secrecy- please stick to topic-


        1. Hi Larry

          thats the red ice interview in which Carl claims he was abducted by UFO and shown the pyramid code.

          and of the other stuff, it is what the masons claim…., namely we “they” come from a different star system. Ie ancient Alien visitation. The masons secret number is 3 5 7 1…starting on orion through the bull to the 7 pleades and to the left of it a red dwarf star not visible to the naked eye…there home planet. The vatican layout, where peter points the way on Dec 22 of every year…..go check out Wayne Hershals site and watch Eyes wide shut with a new viewpoint of what the elite believe, also this is the premises in prometheus of why weyland choose the planet that he went too..

          hope that makes the gist of my reply a little more comprehensible on the topic of UFO secrecy, completely on point and informative on what the secretive ancient priests believed.

          1. Hi jedi- many thanks for your response- I will check this out- but I just think we could hem and haw about this topic ad naueseum- it won’t change anything-

            if there’s an alien influence regardless of the Vatican, Wayne Hershal, David Wilcock, Bessie-the-cow, etc. we are powerless-

            with all respect-


          2. Hi Larry, please dont associate the moron david wilcock with my post, I am astonished that you are unaware of the information I posted. I strongly urge you or anyone unfamilar with either authors, to research the investigative analysis these 2 very important authors have added to the truth of ….the scam of the elites on the masses or perhaps an alien intervention on mankind as believed by certain secret societies as well as postulated by hollywood via hundreds of films .

            Make up your own mind.

  9. The comments by someone called Amy Evans are even more interesting than the article itself lol.

  10. Great analysis, however some other points need to be raised. One of them being the advanced telepathic capabilities of some of the extraterrestrials. In his book Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy, Ingo Swann noted that while remote viewing mining activities on the moon, those he observed turned to look at him as if he was physically present on site even though he was seated in a chair somewhere on earth; there was also the distinct impression conveyed that he could come to some harm if he did not cease and desist. Which means that really there are no military or government secrets that could possibly be hidden from these people, an issue which Swann mentions was of great concern to the authorities.

  11. archon…one of the nine chief magistrates in ancient athens ie president
    note, the newest axiom (think 1984 double speak) is now defined as inorganic being…ie non human robot.

    alien…alien owing allegiance too hostile country: study and treatment of mental diseases.

    Now with those correct definitions, have a peek over at the forbidden city at the emperors (the guy who called himself god and dressed in sunny yellow) well.
    this ufo ALIEN crap all started with the Roswell crash….rose well, in 1947, what else happened in 1947….oh yes, the formation of the state of Israel, as in part of the united states. Connect the dots.

    1. heres is another dot for you genius too put together….who supplied those leabanese kids with Russian anti tank missiles that annihilated Israel tanks in the 2008 war. ….who ever did, averted ww3

    2. Hi Jedi,

      this is a response to a previous where you chided me (probably because my choice of words didn’t make myself clear)-

      I never once associated David Wilcock with your posting, believe me- wouldn’t want to-

      anyway, none of us can be 100% privy to everyone else’s info- how?- I’m sure you get my drift-

      hope you are well- many regards-


  12. The people running this “national security state” have a long and proven history of a wild penchant for genocide. They are the outgrowth of a drug trafficking gang (Rotscum/Sassoon opium), euro black nobility/vatican. In short, they are scum. This article seems a bit like an apology for them. Why would you overlook that fact as well as the fact that they’ve destroyed the American economy?

    The European times is not a real newspaper. It’s one of those zionist Sorcha Faal productions.

    Things seem to be coming to a head.

    1. well, yes, but scum as they are they had to respond to the arrival of the UFOs and derive whatever advantage they could from it.

      1. They are the “aliens”:

        select or download high quality video and, at the beginning of the vid, pause when bush looks upward and do a screen capture. Zoom into his golden colored vertical slit pupils. Watch his body language and actions after he notices he’s exposed himself on national tv. There’s more evidence connecting this man to “aliens”.

        Bill Cooper also believed the aliens were fake after decades of investigation. Werner Von Braun told his speaker (Carol Rosin) that the last card they would play would be the alien card and that is was based on a lie.

        1. G.B. is an “alien” insofar as he is a war criminal, architect of the New World Order, etc. While it may be fun to speculate where he belongs in the hominoid-reptilian spectrum (I don’t know what to make of his pupils in the video – could it be an effect of lighting and photography?), it’s really of secondary importance. Barack Obama has negroid features (non-reptilian?) but he is biologically connected to the ruling elite (Dick Chenney’s 10th cousin?) Where do the grey aliens (insectoids) fit in? I don’t know what Bill Cooper investigated. Did the school children in Zimbabwe see someting “fake”?

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