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January 27, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now, interjecting an article about UFO secrecy in general, and American government UFO secrecy in particular, into the over all context of a running series of blogs commenting about gold repatriation, hidden systems of finance, re-hypothecation, and seismic German geopolitical realignments, may seem like the surest form of irrelevance and madness, but I assure you, there's method in it. The method is suggested by this article in the European Times:

Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will

In my opinion, there have been two secret and hidden factors to geopolitics since the end of World War Two, and these are (1) the UFO and its implications, and (2) American "UFO unilateralism."

In Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations I argued that the culture of the breakaway civilization grew out of three factors, each necessitating great secrecy:

  1. The need to reconnoiter, contain, roll back, and ultimately defeat Soviet Communism, a requirement necessitating funding for covert operations and the establishment of the apparatus (spy satellites, advanced aircraft, and intelligence and operational cells) to do so;
  2. The need to reconnoiter, contain, roll back, and ultimately defeat the UFO (if necessary), a requirement necessitating the acquisition of technologies to emulate the UFO and necessitating the acquisition of technologies to convince their operators, whoever they may be, not to tangle with Earth. In effect, what is being argued, is that a kind of covert psyop was being waged against the UFO, a point to which we shall return momentarily; and finally, these two factors required,
  3. A vast system of financing, based on huge amounts of leverage applied over time.

As I noted in that book, the core of this otherwise international structure was solidly American. As such, I believe UFO secrecy became the order of the day, not only in order to safeguard any technological secrets that might be gained, but also for an entirely different reason, one having to do with psychological operations.

To be sure, to create the vague public impression that the UFO and its technologies may have been recovered and reverse engineered by the USA and/or any of its allies would have been a profound psychological operation against the strategic planners in the Kremlin. The secrecy surrounding the subject meant that in this game of geopolitical seven card stud, the hole cards may have been something completely unforeseen and something totally eclipsing the known and public technological capabilities of the West's and America's military.

In Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, however, I argued that much UFO activity seems to have been centered on reconnoitering both American and Russian thermonuclear capabilities, and that, indeed, some actions of UFOs would have been interpreted by the military establishments of the two superpowers as nothing less than hostile or at the minimum potentially threatening. And in fact, as is now well known, President Reagan mentioned a hostile extraterrestrial threat in his personal meetings with General Secretary Gorbachev in their summits.

In the context of the culture predominating within this postwar covert warfare-research structure in the USA, I argued in that book that this would have led to the response to the Soviet Union being adopted as the model for its longer term and more serious potential threat, the UFO.  Thus, we arrive at psychological operations as a reason for the potential for UFO secrecy, for what this approach means is that UFO secrecy may be directed as much toward the operators of UFOs themselves, and not arise out of any malicious intention to withhold information from the public. It is, as Mr. Richard Dolan has so often and aptly reminded us, the policy of a national security state.  Thus the secrecy may arise from the need to conceal the actual state of human achievement, and probable responses, to any potential threat, as well as the fact that it may arise from other cultural considerations often rehearsed in the literature.In short, this group was saying the same thing to UFO operators, as to the Soviet Union: You don't really know what we have, nor are capable of...  It was and I suspect remains to a great degree a game of blind man's bluff.

This would particularly be the case if threat assessment teams in the militaries of both countries assumed that there was a real threat... which inevitably they would have had to conclude, given the nature of some UFO events in connection with the militaries of the two countries.

And that leads us back to gold, gold repatriation, and geopolitics, and what Prime Minister Medvedev may actually be saying here. But for that, we'll have to wait for part two...

...see you on the flip side...