cosmic war


February 1, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you thought aerial drones were the only things up the sleeve of the world's great powers in their new rush to robotic warfare, there are sea-going drones, and DARPA wants to base them on the ocean floor:

US Military Wants to Hide Drones Under the Sea

Now the question is why would DARPA and the US military be contemplating such a move; clearly, such a deployment does not really serve the "war on Islamicist terror", but one can envision some usefulness against the growing war on piracy. Similarly, one may envision the utility of this new form of "smart mine field" for the growing geopolitical tensions between the USA and its allies and China in the Pacific rim.

The mention of drone submarines, however, raises a prospect that I have alluded to in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, namely, that the breakaway civilization, confronted by both the Soviet threat and the UFO, had to evolve both a doctrine and strategy for dealing with both efficiently, but also a technology to monitor and reconnoiter their activities. In that respect, I have argued that the spy satellite, with some caveats, may have been as much about UFOs as it was about Soviet ICBMs...both had to be monitored.

Hence, the mention of USOs -Unidentified Submarine Objects - at the beginning of this article raises a similar possibility: with the numerous sightings of USOs and their occasionally threatening activity around naval vessels and warships, the strategy of monitoring such potentially threatening activity has been a part of the culture of that breakaway civilization

The problem here, unlike the spy satellite, is that the technology to monitor such earthly naval threats, not to mention the USO, from permanent bases on the ocean floor didn't exist in some cases. the reason is rather simple, before the advent of recent advances in materials engineering- carbon nanofibers and so on - the extension of human technology beneath the ocean surface was limited to a rather shallow depth simply due to the inability of technology to withstand the tremendous pressures beyond, say, 1000 meters beneath the surface.

Now, however, as materials science advances, the extension of human technology, and eventually a human presence, to the ocean floor to ever greater depths, will occur.

... and given the number of USO sightings, we might want to become prepared for what we might find. But rest assured, the USO is a hidden reason for this new call for an ocean floor drone deployment.

See you on the flip side.