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February 25, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you caught this one: the case of former LAPD police officer-turned-alleged-murderer is being used to notch up public support for the deployment of drones on American soil. Indeed, it is a curious synchronicity that the surname (Dorner) appears as a kind of almost-anagram of the technology (drone). Some news media outlets in the USA appear to be up to their usual tricks, and trying to portray this as another anti-black race issue, with Dorner being the victim of a racist LAPD. Well, that one fell flat on the face since Dorner's first alleged victims were blacks, one of whom was black and Asian. So, much better political opportunity can be made showing the usefulness of drones in apprehending said alleged murderer, and, as some suspect, burning him out of the cabin he sought refuge in.

US To Use Drones In Chris Dorner Manhunt

There was just one problem.

The alleged murderer didn't cooperate too well with the drones. But relax: we're entirely sure that some other event will come along that will be seized upon to tout the wonders of drones in police work, and, when the government finally gets the version of the story settled upon that it wants the rest of us to believe regarding Dorner, it might even include a hero's role for the drones.

But there's another problem.

Remember all those invisibility technologies we've talked about here? Remember Marduk's "invisibility suit" from the Babylonian war epic Enuma Elish (yea yea, I know academics call it a creation account, but frankly, I think that's more academic B.S. It's a war epic folks, plain and simple), that I first wrote about way back in Giza Death Star Destroyed and later in the Cosmic War? Well, in an email to me about the Droning Dorner story, Ms. P.H., who so kindly supplied the information on earthquakes and ionospheric anomalies we blogged about previously, also ran across this interesting story from the latest trend in New York's fashion industry: Stealth clothing, or, drone un-friendly body wear:

New York artist to debut 'drone-proof' anti-surveillance clothing line

Now, all that needs to be done is for Rheinmetall in Germany, which recently revealed that nifty tactical laser weapon, to maybe develop a "household point anti-missile anti-drone defense system" version of the same. Dressing in our stealth clothes, we can all be invisible to each other, and zap each other if we get out of line.

Think I'm joking? Watch folks, because it's coming: the same people that watch for suspicious purchase of chemicals will start watching for the suspicious purchase of things that can be used to make lasing cavities for tunable gas dynamic lasers or materials for stealth suits. In short, what is today's directed energy weaponry for today's military is tomorrow's cheaply available civilian technology.The expansion of technology will I suspect, continue to outstrip the ability of governments to regulate it. One can envision a world in which local household security companies may even provide, as part of their contractual obligations, the ability to defend against government intrusion, spying, or use of force. In the meantime, better start lining up for your stealth suit and put your order in for tunable gas dynamic lasers.

See you on the flip side.