February 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

I am truly deeply indebted in this blog to the research efforts of Ms. P.H., who kindly shared the following links with me. When I read the abstracts, I knew this was another of those finds (of Ms. P.H., once again), that had to be shared here.

But first, some background.

As most of you know, I have entertained on this website, in various books of mine (most notably Babylon's Banksters, The Grid of the Gods, and Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations), that there is a technology of artificial earthquake production. Indeed, I have also speculated - unbeknownst that many scientists were seriously pursuing the line of research - that ionospheric signatures might presage or accompany earthquakes that were artificially engineered.

Now here is what Ms. P.H. turned up: two scientific papers and their abstracts, which are in themselves fully self-explanatory:

Ionospheric anomalies observed over South Korea before Tohoku earthquake

And the abstract of that paper:

"We investigated the ionospheric anomalies before Tohoku earthquake that occurred near the northeast coast of Honshu, Japan on 11 March 2011. Ionospheric anomalies by the total electron content (TEC) derived from a ground-based GPS network in Korean Peninsula were detected during the daytime within a few days before earthquake. It is found that ionospheric TEC anomalies appear on 5, 8 and 11 March. In particular, ionospheric disturbances on 8 March represented a remarkable increase in TEC. GPS TEC associated with Tohoku earthquake had a positive property with an enhancement of about 20 TECU. This positive correlation is revealed in local and global TEC variations simultaneously. To investigate the pre-earthquake ionospheric anomalies, the space weather conditions such as solar activity index (F10.7) and geomagnetic activity indices (the Kp and Dst indices) are taken into account. We have also created two-dimensional TEC maps to show the spatial variations of ionospheric anomalies before earthquake."

Now in case you're wondering, March 11, 2011 was the date of the Fukushima disaster, which, in Japan, is known as 3-11, just as 9-11 is known over here. That, of course, implies the Japanese may think 3-11 was more than just an accidental earthquake, and indeed, we have covered that possibility here on this site.

Then there is this paper showing a similar ionospheric signature before the Paral, Chile earthquake, an earthquake I have long suspected to have been artificial in origin:

Ionospheric density variations recorded before the 2010 Mw 8.8 earthquake in Chile

And the abstract:

"We present a study of plasma density variations observed by the DEMETER spacecraft in the vicinity of a very powerful earthquake in Chile. This earthquake of moment magnitude 8.8 occurred on 27 February 2010 with an epicenter located at 35.85°S, 72.72°W. Data recorded 10–20 days before the main shock along orbits close to the future epicenter show increasing plasma densities. In a second step, a statistical analysis with DEMETER data has been performed using the first 3 months of the years 2007–2010 to monitor density variations in the vicinity of the epicenter at the same local time and seasonal conditions. This study shows that a large increase of the plasma density is very uncommon at this location and at this time and that the increases observed during the days before the main shock could be considered as possible short-term precursors of this powerful earthquake."

Now in the second case you'll note that the journal publishing the paper and making its abstract available online is The Journal of Geophysical Research and that it is under the sub-department of space physics.

While the abstracts do not assign any causal relationship between the two phenomena, they clearly argue that they are associated, and that, at the minimum, detection of such ionospheric disturbances constitute a powerful predictive tool for earthquakes.

Now...tie EISCAT or HAARP activity to these ionospheric phenomena, and you have an argument. Why? The piezoelectric stress at faultlines is bound to be enormous; all one might need to to trigger an earthquake is to "tickle" that stress via ionospheric activity and/or a standing wave phenomenon in the earth itself, and, voila, one has a niftily targeted earthquake. And that, of course, is an argument that these ionospheric heaters are for more than what we've been told.

Thanks to Ms. P.H. for finding these important studies...they're yet more evidence in a growing body that would indicate that some suspicion hangs over the large earthquakes of recent and unhappy memory.

See you on the flip side.