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February 4, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Sometimes I am amazed at how stories in the media seem to contradict themselves, or at least raise significant questions. Let's consider two of them:

Iranian expert confirms blast in Fordow uranium enrichment facility.

And this one:

Iranian expert confirms blast in Fordow uranium enrichment facility.

Now we assume for the sake of argument that the explosion occurred. The question now is, how, and who did it?  One obvious answer - since the explosion allegedly occurred near the entrance of the facility - would be sabotage by some internal dissident group, doubtless sponsored in part by the Israeli Mossad, the American  CIA, or any combination of western intelligence services.

And that, of course, throws the Israeli Prime Minister's remarks into a cocked hat, for any covert operation by Israel or the USA in Iran would almost certainly have been shared with the other nation, and possibly throughout the western alliance system. So why the Israeli prime minister's "call to arms" when it would appear that someone, at least, is answering that call.

But there's another possibility altogether: a technological one, or, at least, an alleged technological one: so-called scalar, or quantum potential or vacuum weaponry, depending on whom one reads and the terms they use, but effectively, they're talking about the same thing. The foremost proponent of this idea has been, of course, Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (US Army, ret.). In various books Bearden years ago argued a fascinating, if not quite convincing, case, that "a friendly little nation", which one could only take to mean Israel, had access to such technology, and indeed had used it to defend the USA from attack by the USSR by similar weapons!

If Bearden's statements are true, then these articles would appear to be significant challenges to Bearden's whole hypothesis, for if true, Israel would simply not need the US's support, since it possessed such weapons of "plausible deniability" and would not doubt use them to end a potential Iranian nuclear threat. ...


The denials by the USA that the explosion took place at all might herald the fact that the Iranians are lying about it taking place, or that it did take place, but the means by which it occurred have to be concealed, and hence the event has to be denied.

Whatever the truth here may ultimately be - an internal network of dissidents gradually sabotaging Iran's program,  hidden American or Israeli technology - one thing seems clear: there is much more to this story than meets the eye, and that, in fact, in either the case of hidden intelligence assets inside that country, or unknown technologies, or both, the Israeli Prime Minister is is being perhaps a bit disingenuous when he beats the war drums of fear...

See you on the flip side.