February 15, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

The Great Pyramid has fascinated me almost all of my life, as most people here know, and I have proposed a radical speculation as to its purpose. But one of the most puzzling features of the structure has always been how it was built. There have always been two chief theories in the Egyptological grab bag of explanations, and both are more or less variants on the ramp theory. One version has the Egyptians building a huge straight ramp, and hauling the massive stone blocks up the ramp on log rollers using thousands of slaves and presumably heavy labor animals. The other version has the Pyramid being built in a spiral, using a spiral ramp. And all this was achieved using simple tools - saws and slurry and a variety of other wonders that delight television producers - and massive amounts of labor and time. The result of all of this, we now know, was a building so perfectly aligned and constructed with an optical precision that ...well, we'll get back to that.

Now, while you're still holding your sides and trying to recover from the laughter, we have to point out the other "theories," which run the gamut from extraterrestrials using antigravity, to the Nephilim/Annunaki using their godlike powers and advanced knowledge, to the Hebrews using divinely revealed truth to encode (modern interpretations of) biblical prophecy. And while you're still laughing, remember, too, that some ancient traditions actually have it that the priests used sound to levitate the massive blocks into position. Finally, we have another novel theory, namely, that the blocks were literally poured into forms like concrete.

Now this one comes to me courtesy of a regular reader of this site, Mr. A.D. (no pun intended folks), who sent this intriguing video:

Now, the idea of spiraling and building from the inside out is, of course, from one point of view, the only method that makes sense. the use of counterweights, too, is sensible....

...but only if we are dealing with an Egyptian structure (which, of course, I still think we are not). Let's assume that we are, for the sake of argument.

I am no engineer, but I would think that building the structure in the fashion suggested would only increase the margin of error, making the actually achieved alignments of the structure next to impossible. Even if it was achieved, the dimensions of the structure, its embedding and encoding of exact geodetic knowledge, remain to be explained: whence did the Egyptians derive this knowledge? And why was it necessary to encode into a structure that supposedly was a tomb for a pharaoh with - to say the least - the world's biggest mausoleum complex?

The theory, notably, does not mention Sir Flinders Petrie's observations that the "sarcophagus" appears to have been drilled, and of course, ignores Christopher Dunn's observations that it may have been ultrasonically drilled. In short, it's another ingenious theory, folks, that in the end, does not make much sense and raises as many questions as it purports to solve. And that just leaves us all as mystified as we were before.

See you on the flip side.