February 10, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's a bit of serious fun going on lately, concerning giants and genetics. Most of you are probably aware that the internet is rife with stories and pictures of the discovery and/or suppression of the find of humanoid giant skeletal remains. I have referred to these stories myself on this website. Well, there's a bit of fun, and a bit of seriousness, on both subjects going around lately. First, the "fun" courtesy of Mr. V.T., who found it and shared it with me:

Giant Finger Discovered!

O.K....we are all skeptical, not the least of which because with today's techniques and makeup artists, such a thing would be relatively easy to fabricate and photograph, and then conveniently disappear before a potential hoax was discovered. But there is a serious point in that possibility as well, and it's worth considering. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the pictured finger, and its purported dimensions, were real. Then why would it be "disappeared"? Simple: it would be even less welcome than a hoax, for the simple reason that it would be corroborative of all those ancient legends and traditions -- from North and Meso-American Indians to the Old Testament - about "giants" and the wars with them. It would raise those inconvenient questions about human history and origins that the carefully developed paleontological, anthropological, and evolutionary memes - that standard history we learned in school, would not be adequately equipped to address.  So the only way to test between a hoax and "reality" would be DNA... and that brings us to the serious side.

Now, I have mentioned here on some occasions that I have long suspected that the genome project may have, as one of its hidden goals, the identification of various markers that might tend to substantiate, or deny, those ancient texts and their legends and stories of genetically engineered human beings (that's us, folks). Indeed, it does seem that, with the aid of sophisticated algorithms, one of its preoccupations has been to explain the migrations and large genetic "families" and how they all got to be where they are now. Put those two preoccupations together and one might also say they might be looking for genetic cousins to humanity. Perhaps. Maybe.

Interestingly enough, however, it seems world-renowned Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes is heading a project to do more or less that, namely, to test the alleged DNA remains of a Yeti for - get this - the Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project, a project which makes no bones about what it is about:

"The Oxford-Lausanne Collateral Hominid Project invites institutions and individuals with collections of organic material from formally un-described species, or ‘cryptids’ to submit details of the samples they hold, and then on request submit the samples themselves, particularly hair shafts, for rigorous genetic analysis. The results will then be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals."

You can read the whole article here:

Wolfson geneticist launches project to examine ‘Yeti’ DNA Wolfson geneticist launches project to examine ‘Yeti’ DNA

Of course, there is as much a chance that evidence for these "un-described species" will not be forthcoming. Yet, the very fact of the existence of such a project at least might indicate that those researchers who have followed the subject over the years have at least made enough of a case that there has to be such a project in the first case.

But don't hold your breath... it will be a while, I suspect, before we hear anything about genetic research and those ancient myths...

See you on the flip side.