February 28, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

It's not often I blog about an email that I get. I blog all the time about the increasing volume of articles people send me, but rarely, if ever, have  I blogged about an email.  But this one is a fun one, if not a provocative subject, so here we go.

Recently I received this email from a regular reader here, but I won't reveal who or even what his or her initials are. He or she will recognize his or her email anyway (and gawd, don't you just HATE this political correctness and how it has mangled the English language? So hereinafter, I will use the old patriarchal pars pro toto usage of he/him/his to mean a generic "someone" who could be either male or female, and will forgo that monstrosity "s/he" that now uglifies the language!) Anyway, here's the email in question:

 " Do you monitor, keep an eye on, popular culture?  Its stories, its messages, the general vibe?
"Stories, games, toys.....if an ‘in the know’ group wanted to convey information, new and radical information, might they do it by introducing these concepts as a ‘game’?  From what I have seen, it’s part of the Play Book, introduce a product as a toy first, or a concept as a game.
"There is a video game series out there called ‘Assassins Creed’.  It tells a story, starting in Renaissance Italy of a struggle for power and control.  A ‘war’ that is both hidden and been going on for a long time.  The goal: retrieval of Ancient High Tech items, for use in controlling mankind (of course)
"It’s not Shakespeare, but give it a look, especially the first minute or so..."
And at this juncture, the following little YouTube video is linked:

Now to say the least, I find the idea of a secret group of assassins founded in Renaissance Italy (one can only presume Genoa, Padua, Florence, or, the most likely, Venice), out to uncover ancient lost technology more than a little interesting. Coincidentally, there is another game out there, set far in the future, that is quite popular, called Halo, where humans make contact with aliens who call themselves interestingly enough, "the Covenant," are there are memes galore in the Halo universe of some sort of ancient and forgotten connection between the aliens and humans.

Coincidence? I doubt it. At least it warrants the idea of "synchronicity," perhaps fiction picking up on memes already abroad in human culture.

But then when one "goes to the movies" it gets downright bizarre, as I have pointed out in some of my books. For example, in The Giza Death Star Deployed I observed the strange similarity of George Lucas's universe, with "death stars" blowing up planets, with Anaken Skywalker a vague analogue of Annunaki, with jedi knights and the force and Egyptian djed pillars and the Egyptian version of the force, "ma'at". All of that, of course, could be written off to Lucas' having professionally consulted the comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell. Well and good, but how did one explain the uncanny resemblance of his "Death star" to the then unphotographed "moon" of Saturn, Iapetus, which so closely resembles Lucas' version that one has to wonder, not what and when did he know it, but how? And what is it doing orbiting a planet in our solar system named for the Greek god Chronos, and his role in the ancient "cosmic war" of the Titans?

From there it only gets more bizarre, for as I pointed out in The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, Hollywood seems to have picked up on the idea of secret space programs long before it became a popular theme of alternative research. Capricorn One made a whole movie of a faked mission to Mars, and faked telemetry data, which James Bond in Diamonds are Forever was dealing with reclusive billionaire hermits in Las Vegas (played by the late country singer Jimmy Dean) who is kidnapped by an independent rogue organization (SPECTRE) headed suspiciously by a German and employing a very German laser scientist to put satellites into orbit to destroy American and Russian missiles.

Then, in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations I pointed out that the Die Hard series of movies with Bruce Willis seemed to mirror and presage reality in a very odd way, right from the first movie, where German "terrorists" are trying to steal hundreds of millions of dollars of bearer bonds chucked away in the vault of a Japanese corporation... well... if you've been following the bearer bonds scandals, you don't even have to stop and think about that one. But let's not forget Die Hard with a Vengeance, where Germans are once again out to steal, this time, gold from the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  The movies anticipated reality by some years, in  both cases.

More synchronicity? Or is it possibly deeper? Well, when one adds it all up, I suspect something deeper. As I've pointed out before, the use of mass media and even fictional mass media for the engineering of perceptions and the spreading of memes in popular culture was very early on appreciated, both by Nazi Germany and by the Allies, and most certainly by the financial elites in the West. So is it possible?

No. It isn't possible. It is probable.

See you on the flip side.