February 21, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. V.T., a regular reader of this site, sent this one to me and I must admit I really am impressed with this article, as much for its implications as for its actual subject. Why? I have talked here on this website and spoken on The Byte Show at some length on the subject of social engineering and perception management. Indeed, the subject of perception management seemed to me to be heavily at work in the whole ongoing evolution of the Roswell event, and I wrote as much in Roswell and the Reich. Again, it does not take very much study at all into the subject of UFOs to become aware that perception management was one of the "opportunities" that the UFO afforded. Indeed, the possibility of the UFO for psychological operations was even mentioned in the MAJIC-12 documents, and UFO-like technology seems to have been the backdrop for some of World War Two SS commando Otto Skorzeny's thoughts on using it for a Sonderkampf, a "special battle" or psychological operation, as I reviewed in Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops. 

With enough money and manpower, perceptions might be created that are totally at variance with reality, or hypotheses could be elevated to the status of theories or even scientific law. It would not be the first time the "money power" intervened in human affairs to manipulate perceptions and reality, to socially engineer something that, in the final analysis, may not be true. In this respect, the Venetian oligarchs were the past masters of the art, as I outline in the forthcoming Financial Vipers of Venice. There I argued that the perceptions which they attempted to control concerned cosmological views.... religion, as it were.

Well, the pattern certainly is a long-lived one, as the following article notes:

Rockefeller Brother Fund: We’re Buying Off Evangelicals, Mayors, Governors… For The Earth

Now, regardless where you stand on the "climate change" issue - I for one acknowledge its existence, but dispute whether human action is responsible, unless, of course, you mean all the covert spraying they're doing - the real point here is that the scientific discussion is being manipulated, and that means that the context from which one might openly discuss data is being charged with the most emotional of human issues, religion.

And this, of course, is not science.

The dangers here would seem to be obvious to all but the idiot oligarchs behind it: if you surround yourself with people of a certain point of view about any of the sciences - be they biology, physics, economics, and so on - then it will become all that much more difficult for you to think outside that point of view.  In the end, it is a self-defeating enterprise, for the solution may not lie inside that box. What if climate change is the product of a planetary and solar physics we do not adequately understand? If that be the case, we'd better be about understanding it, rather than manipulating perceptions about it. Indeed, if that be the case, then manipulating perceptions would be a flagrant - and selfish - waste of money in the name of a private agenda, and that agenda is the "religion of scarcity". It's been around for a VERY long time, and its only cosmological competitor is an ancient Metaphor.

In the end, the Rockefailures have chosen to promote the meme, and have bought into it. And now they want to buy everyone else's opinion too. I submit that those genuinely concerned about the issue would be as upset and angry about this, as I. But so far, the silence is deafening.

See you on the flip side.