1. The Stone-Mallet/Copper-Chisel Cabal mentality had to squeeze in a summation to the article:

    Conservators experimented by making a replica of Lion Man, calculating that it would take a highly skilled carver at least 400 hours using flint tools (two months’ work in daylight). This means that the carver would have had to be looked after by hunter-gatherers, which presupposes a degree of social organization.

    I wonder how many hours did the Conservator’s dim light bulb flicker under inculcated dogma to arise to that forgone conclusion?

    1. Agreed, these academics are truly pathetic!! JP Farrell excluded obviously!!

      Here’s another good quote too –

      “There is an ongoing debate on what the Lion Man represents, and whether it is linked to shamanism and the spirit world”.

      Once again, everything gets tossed into a the realm of religion and fantasy!!

      These people make me wanna spew!

  2. Another oops object monkey wrench throw into the Scientific,Religous communites to upset their therories and dogmas. This what they will admitt to finding who knows want even more embrassing finds they are hiding in their storerooms or have destroyed to cover up waiting for the next oops object to be admitted to.

    1. the Smithsonian Institution is renowned for its covert hording of “controversial” archeologiical artifacts/findings

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