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Here's some grist for the speculation mill: a meteor has exploded near the Russian city of Chelyabinsk near the Ural mountains, injuring nearly 1000 with the shock waves. Now, I'm inclined to think a falling rock from the sky is just a falling rock from the sky, unless, of course, you want to entertain thoughts about grabbing a nearby floating rock and throwing it at someone... remember those colliding satellites a few years back?

Meteorite hits Russian Urals: Fireball explosion wreaks havoc, over 900 injured


  1. Well, Richard Hoagland on C2C the other night made his case for it being a shot across our bow by someone, he calls them likely from ‘our family.’ and then encourages C2C to invite you, Dolan and himself to discuss this covert space war, the who, what and why of it on radio. I do hope this happens!!!

    An aside, the Quigley Network of world controllers and their envisioning capturing America surely is about to reach their goal. I sense that the rogue elements, if any, that are not part of that Network created by Rhodes, is they exist, are maybe the ones doing the shooting, if not the Nazis, who I do not think joined the network, but remained outside it, seeking to be king of the mountain and may be the ones with the gun to the head of the Abglo elites of the network. Or then again, those seeking to harvest their earlier works of DNA with Earthlings are back!!!

  2. “Chelyabinsk has had a long association (since the 1940s) with top-secret nuclear research, though this is more properly applicable to Chelyabinsk Oblast as a whole, as nuclear facilities such as Chelyabinsk-70 (Snezhinsk) are, or were, located far outside the city. A serious nuclear accident occurred in 1957 at the Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, 150 km north-west of the city, which caused deaths in Chelyabinsk Oblast but not in the city. The province was closed to all foreigners until 1992 other than a British medical team following a two train rail explosion in the mid 1980s.”


  3. As the meteors rain down from heaven, you can really feel the torsion in the air. It’s so thick you can almost cut it with a knife.

  4. The USA better hope this was a metorite strike or the Russians will be sending them a message soon of the unfriendly kind.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Read this earlier today.
    At that time there was a great comment by GlodMorg Com/
    “very very very very coincidental, Chelyabinst, where huge radioactive stockpiles are. He/She goes on to questions the odds but not the evil usa GoldMorgs to murder billions of people to fill their evil usa GoldMorgs pockets with more evil usa GolsMorgs dollars.”
    (had to google above aricle with “GoldMorg Com” to quote the beginning & end comments.)
    His comments on the probabilty ended with, “…one person winning all the main prizes of all the big lotteries”.

    Other comments at the end of the article are as revealing and/or humorous.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Ooops, almost forgot.
      He/She also asked, “Did the Russain anti missle defense manage to deviate the object so that most of it burned in the atmosfere[actual spelling]?”

  6. Frankie Calcutta

    WWIII sure is interesting.

    I wonder when the last time a human being has been killed by a meteorite?

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