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This one was sent to me by Ms P.H. and it highlights the growing emergence of Europe as a component of US/NATO expansionism and unipolarism:

Germany to develop armed drones despite criticisms

Thomas de Maziere was the son of German Wehrmacht general Ulrich de Maziere, who subsequently became inspector general for the postwar German Bundeswehr. So the Bundeswehr is "plugging holes in its capabilities."

Gee...that's nice... U-boats for Israel, SLBMs for France, drones for everyone...


  1. Robert Barricklow

    They(those who oppose the will of the people) want their Vassal States(faux-Sovereigns supported by their fuax-Medias) to have drones.
    Coming attractions: a worldwide law
    to paint electronic bullseyes on all vassel serfs(approx 7 billion people)

  2. Frankie Calcutta

    Article misses an important point– the only drones the Germans have currently are leased from Israel. The contract comes due next year. For obvious national security reasons the Germans opted not to renew and instead build their own drones. Surprise surprise! Which they have already done and are using in Afghanistan.

    The mealy mouthed left wing parties like the Greens are not speaking on behalf of the German people but really on behalf of Israel and its defense contractors. No surprise there.

    1. “the only drones the Germans have currently are leased from Israel”- please cite a source- I thank you in advance

      1. Frankie Calcutta


        “For aerial reconnaissance in Afghanistan, the Defense Ministry leases the drone model “Heron 1″ from an Israeli consortium and also relies on drones built by the German company Rheinmetall. But the government’s contract with the Israeli group runs out at the end of 2014, and the military has been searching for a replacement for some time now.”


        you are welcome sir.

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