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Now, just when you thought all that talk about strange anomalous artificial-looking "stuff' on Mars had been emptied(we would argue, unsuccessfully), NASA's Mars Curiosity rover takes this little picture (and our thanks to Ms. P.H. for sharing this with us):


NASA's Mars Curiosity's "Shiny Little Thing"; the anomaly is visible toward the top center of the picture and looks like a couple of Screws bored into the rock; the link to the actual NASA image is :



  1. Not impressed.

    Could just as easily be two chunks of quartz or some similar-looking mineral, of which there are many.

    I do not claim any knowledge of what this may or may not be. It’s just that there are literally millions of similar looking objects on Earth, and they are all natural geological formations like quartz. So why get excited when you see something like that on Mars?

    I’m all for finding any way-out alien artifacts, anywhere we can find them. But they have to be IMPRESSIVE. When they look EXACTLY like normal geological formations here on Earth, why get excited?

    The key for me is that here on Earth, we would just walk on over to such objects and see that they are just bits of one mineral embedded in some rock. But on other planets, we can’t do that, and so people say “oooooh, look at that!” But there is no consistency in this approach. It is certainly possible that this photo shows some alien artifact. The problem is, it is millions of times more likely to be part of the natural geology of Mars.

  2. There also seems to be a slotted metal artifact wedged between the two rocks at the bottom centre of the picture, anyone else noticed this?

    1. Yes, I did notice. I enlarged and sharpened but couldn’t determine if the objects were wedged or just behind. The upper one looks tubelike; the lower one more like a highlighted pebble. The shine of main object under different filters remains the same. Its shape is more apparent using higher contrast, sort of footlike w/ shiny cups atop. The dark faced roundish object just to the right of it has an oddly flattened face. Can’t do too much w/ such a low res image, but definitely anomalous to surrounding shapes. Curiouser and curiouser.

      1. That’s what I thought as well, from one perspective it looks as if it could be something behind the rocks or inside the crack there, but zoom out a bit and there is definitely a metallic shine there which is not in the surrounding rocks.
        Hopefully there may be more hi-res images forthcoming of the same area, but given NASA’s track record we might be waiting for some time yet.

        1. “Hopefully there may be more hi-res images forthcoming of the same area, but given NASA’s track record we might be waiting for some time yet”- you know it- NASA: “Never A Straight Answer”- just because NASA publishes an image doesn’t mean it’s from outer space- this looks like a typical rock formation on earth!!!- sheesh!

          1. True enough, Larry. I’m more inclined to be a skeptic than a believer. fwiw, Chas. Shults on last night’s C2C provided enhanced images and a stereo pair, altho’ I think Kamutef’s is better, much sharper.
            (www.coasttocoastam.com) /pages/enhanced-mars-anomaly-images

  3. I was able to see this picture thee dimention with 3D glasses on a website. And more embrassing pictures from Mars are likely to come along with NASA attempted coverups and the surprises from Mars keep coming. And lets not forget our own Moon what will the Chinese photo recons revel hold your hats everyone.

  4. Screws is not really what I see in it.
    Maybe my fantasy is a little bit too strong, but to me this looks, including a fitting shadow below, like the reflective eyes of a gecko like creature looking up from its resting place on the stone. Or am I just crazy?! oO

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