1. Tombs or something else pyrmids have some strange properties and don’t have to be made out of stone! Like water doesn’t freeze at way below the freezing point down to minus 40 seeds germinate if left in side at least 2 weeks prior to planting, better and produce more hardy crops and often times they effect weather patterns in a positive way. I have heard they attract water to them in dry places and cause less severe weather in a region.

    And if you look at the ones found in places like South America but also China and Bosnia only recently discovered they were all for the most part covered in vegetation! Perhaps a tool used by some one in ancient times for “re-terra- forming the planet” with organic life.

    Wonder how they would do in severe weather places like “Tornado ally” in this country! Wonder if the American Indians had to deal with storms like we have now in their time as on the plains at least as they had a structure similar in nature called Tee Pee and they were as well cone shaped structures which also has some strange properties similar in nature to that of the pyramid shape or structure. Hmm? Could this cause an idea for an experiment?

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