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March 5, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Lately I've been talking a bit about staging fulfillments of prophecy, be it biblical, papal, or otherwise. Indeed, those who have known me for a very long time will tell you that this idea has weighed on my mind for a very long time, chiefly with respect to that system of "theology" known as dispensationalism, and which years ago in conversations with some friends I called d"ispensensationalism." It's the "apocalypse theater" of Arthur Bloomfield, Hal Lindsey, and a host of others, including the granddaddy of all, Scofield and his "reference bible."

This system has been so deliberately promoted and talked about, the meme is so deeply planted, that millions of people around the world, even those who do not adhere to any organized religion, now associate that system with "Christian doctrine" when it is no such thing. An apocalypse meme now exists almost subliminally within the consciousness of many people that  a sequence of events, a "bible map of the ages" must unfold with inexorable and ineluctable determinism. Read Hal Lindsey, he said so, it's right there in the Bible, as properly understood of course, as they have interpreted it.

Well, as Dr. de Hart and I pointed out in Yahweh the Two-Faced God, it's easy to "fulfill" prophecy when you have the memes all neatly organized in your bible map of the ages. If the interpretation says, "Babylon will be rebuilt in the end days,' then, by golly, if you're going to stage a fulfillment and scare the heck out of people, then by golly, convince Saddam Hussein to rebuild Babylon, and, when he's gone, continue the project; a kind of "Nebuchadnezzar-land" of hanging gardens, Ishtar gates, and roller coasters, a tourist attraction!:


Sure, the report is four years old, but Lindsey's book and similar dispensensationalist filibusters are even older than that. Want to stage the apocalypse? Just read their books, take careful notes, chart out the memes, and plan accordingly, and, while you're at it, make sure to consult the Roman Catholic versions of it, like Joachim of Fiore and Malachy, just so that you can coordinate all your "fulfillments" and get everyone into a state of apocalyptic apathy and paralysis. And if you're really good at orchestration and social engineering, you'll be able to install fanatical Islamicist governments in the Middle East and tinker with Muslim prophecies of the Imam Mahdi. Get really good at this, and you'll be able to coordinate it all with the Jewish Messiah. Get all the Yahwisms fighting each other, then fulfill their apocalyptic expectation, and voila, you've got a nice and tidy world government with your own dictator and computerized internet transhumanist cyborg beast.

In short, everything is going "according to plan" and there are some who honesty think they can help things along to bring back Jesus/the Imam Mahdi/Jewish messiah and even as we speak the God's Word (the bible/koran insert your favorite scripture here) is being "proven true." Trust me, these people live for having their book/system proven true, and not so much for showing compassion to their neighbor and trying to bring a bit of love and light into the world.

... the only problem is, they're all in for a bit of a surprise... but that's a whole other (very long) story...for now, a basic aphorism:

The fulfillment is the deception.

See you on the flip side.