March 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

I really don't know where to begin this series, nor how, and I do so with some trepidation, and for that matter, more than my usual amount of it. Whenever I blog, I am acutely aware of the fact that there is a certain responsibility I have, and chief among these is to make it abundantly clear to my readers that a large part of what I do here is speculation. Oftentimes I call it high octane speculation. But today, and for the next few blogs (however long it takes me to get my thoughts down in words), even the phrase "high octane speculation" seems inadequate, for in a certain punning sense, what we are dealing with in the case of the rape and theft of Cypriots' money is a case of high octane speculation, on the part of the criminal oligarchical classes of Western finance and of the European Union in particular. But there's a healthy dose of Russian oligarchical corruption in play here as well.

In short, I think what we are looking at here is as much a geopolitical crisis as an economic one, and the stakes are quite high.  By way of background, we would do well to remember one overarching geopolitical principle adhered to by the Western oligarchs since it was first enunciated by British geopolitician Sir Halford MacKinder: He who controls the Eurasian heartland (by which he meant Eastern Europe and a considerable portion of Eurasian Russia)  controls the World Island (by which he meant the great world island comprised of Europe, Asia, and Africa). He who controls the world island, with the bulk of the world's resources, controls the world.  It is important to recall that as recently as Zbbnw Brzznsk's (that's Zbigniew Brzezinski to those unfamiliar with my vowelless disdain for the man) The Grand Chessboard this geopolitical dogma of the Western oligarchs has simply been "revised and extended" but not abandoned.

Remember that struggle for the Eurasian Heartland, for it explains much of modern history: the turn of the German General Staff from the West to the East during World War One, the harsh terms imposed by Imperial Germany on Russia at Russia's surrender in 1918 and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk; it explains Hitler's obsession with Lebensraum and eastward expansion at Russia's expense, and in short, the basic tension between those two powers. Bear Germany and Russia in mind, because we will return to it in this article, for the nightmare of western geopolitics (besides Cardinal Richlieu's nightmare of a unified German state) is a rapprochement between those two states. This in large part explains the shockwaves felt in Whitehall and the City of London when Hitler and Stalin concluded their infamous 1939 Non-Aggression Pact.

In that geopolitical background, it was a pillar of British policy to prevent southward Russian expansion in Asia, and to keep China weak and...well, high on opium.  It remains a policy of the West, with the United States playing the role of the British Empire. In short, the geopolitical game, and thereby, the financial game, has not changed in almost three centuries: Russia is to be financially and geopolitically "contained" and, hopefully, broken up. It is in this context that we must understand G.H.W. Bush's "assurance" to Mikhail Gorbachev in the wake of the crackup of the Soviet Union that NATO would not be expanded into Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Republics. Bush lied of course, and the Yeltsyn-era cronyism and rape of Russia was replaced by Putin, who was not going to roll over and die for the Western oligarchs.

Enter Cyprus, and our story, for Cyprus quickly became a haven for the money of the late Soviet-era and Yeltsyn-era oligarchs. (See One of the Most Important Events in History and Gold).  Thus, lurking behind the story of the European banks' attempt to steal the savings of Cypriots, is the longer-running story of the attempt of Western banksters to rape Russia, and the long-running conflict between them and the nationalistic interests represented by Vladimir Putin & Co.

The problem is, the Russians got wind of it (I mean, c'mon here folks, Mr. Putin is the "KGB president", and the idea that Russian intelligence doesn't monitor the activities of Western central and prime banks is...well, absurd). Anyway, the Russians got wind of the planned theft, and withdrew their money prior to the announcement (See Troops Betrayed in Cyprus Bank grab... as Russians seize Two Billion Pounds).

Now... this is where the story gets interesting... but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

See you on the flip side.