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  1. Margaret on March 20, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Curious … previously [in Safari on a Mac] I could click the mobile site link at the bottom of this page [and others] and pull up the mobile text, lots of old interesting messages; now a click brings me to the current page. BTW [Joseph] recent refurb/warranted Macs are available online [ie Powermax] and at local authorized resellers which is where I got my low-mileage MacBook4 for $400.

  2. paul de gagne on March 20, 2013 at 4:17 am

    I just got a screen-like cell phone showing when I went into one of the articles. I also got redirect screens a couple of times but that might be my own computer. And as I just got this brand new computer I am not surprised.

    Something fishy is going on with the quality of as you mentioned Microsoft’s products? Perhaps a TWO-TIERED Internet for those ‘haves’ and a funky one for those ‘have nots?” Remember Joe, most of the the screw-jobs in “PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT” will be hardly noticeable in this era of MICRO-MANAGEMENT!

    THOSE Macs are a few hundred dollars cheaper than HPs? A couple of hundred dollars may be nothing or not much to crow about but to us poor buggers still holding on — every buck counts!

    • paul de gagne on March 20, 2013 at 4:34 am

      I screwed up this above post. Let me correct it. MACs COST a couple of hundred dollars more than HPs!

      ALSO —Here’s another point — as they say in the business world — always be aware of the OPPORTUNITY COSTS ( or what else could one do with the couple of hundred bucks not spent?) One has to think rather than floating on some IMPULSE. (at least when it comes to something as REAL as the ‘illusion of money!’)

      I use to think I was not one of those DUMB, ZOMBIE-like CONSUMERS but I really had to think again. When it comes to books, I’m as bad a consumer as some Lady with 5 hundred pairs of shoes! For example If I bought a Mac I wouldn’t be able to (eventually, little by little) buy all your books, Joe, with the couple of hundred I saved!

      I would have one heck of a library if I kept or dragged all those books behind me that I bought in my lifetime but then again —- One likes to travel lite? (then again, it’s not the books itself — but what’s in them that count. I will never become a book IDOL-it-TRA!

    • Yaj on March 20, 2013 at 6:24 am


      See point above: “1. seeing the mobile version of the site on a non-mobile web browser.”

      Also most Macs aren’t cheaper than what HP is selling.

      It’s not news that many computers running Vista, 7 and 8 are crash prone, that’s very different than what JPF described in the past.

      • paul de gagne on March 20, 2013 at 8:46 am

        Thanks – Yaj,

        For your quick comments.

        I’ll just getting used to this Windows 8. So far I don’t like it very much. I clicked on easy solve and they directed me or suggested I clear my temporary files (or those little buggers that follow me around on this program that’s supposed to be of such great help?) I did and the problem or ‘slowness’ vanished at least for now!

        So much for seeing a conspiracy (injun) behind every tree, ha, ha — in this pioneer land! (that sort of thing is one of the disadvantages or occupational hazards of people who like Alternative Explanations or Conspiracy Theories. In a way Farrell is like an Air-Traffic-Controller directing the latest news out of here! Who said CONSPIRACY is a bad word. I bet I know the bunch who did, ha, ha! Ops —there I go again…?

        I DID correct myself in a post right after for indeed MACS cost a lot more than 1 terabyte HP computers (I paid 500 for mine?). I thought about buying a MAC this time around but the price deterred me? I had a gateway for 650 a little over a year ago. Anyway, I don’t have a wife to come to my rescue anymore in matters like computers for she was a whiz at it. She was a widow whose last husband was some retired Navy computer programmer on nuclear subs! He died in her arms of a heart attack three years before I met her. (that must have been tough!)

        To get back to the conversation — this post showing my correction got for some strange reason “UP FOR MODERATION” or whatever that means? Maybe Joe wants to personally see what I am posting but probably not and that’s probably just my big EGO showing itself, ha, ha! (Ego is all right most of the time but sometimes I’m left hanging on a tree limb 200ft. in the air and I can figure out a way back down.) Yeah, a too big ego can get one in trouble and besides ‘people occasionally like to take pot-shots at sitting ducks, if you know what I mean.) I like to think it’s just my writing style their not use to rather than my ego but there are times when I most definitely need FEEDBack to improve on a ‘style’ of writing that makes people look down from the screen and realize they got TOES!

        Not too bad in here (battle-wise) because the few people who do come on this site mostly have got one thing on their minds and that is to LEARN MORE! As Joe recently stated — I like to moderate a little more but I aint got the time and maybe the money to hire someone to play censure.

        I don’t know for the really bad asses usually get bored quick with reality and travel on to other sides to bugger people. What I imagine Joe worries about are these ‘CERTAIN SOCIAL ENGINEERS’ hacking and causing mischief on web-sites that don’t pledge alligence to the flag. Joe, I think. hates to see what’s happening to our DIS – usaINC.,but I guess doze-are da brakes and will just have to tough it out unless there’s more in this slander business to hurl at him that I don’t yet understand. (who the hell can we trust these days—dirty tricks ABOUND!)

        One could thing is there is ways to Trust People (one is to keep/hang on to your Humanity?).

        YAJ, you go and have another fine day —TODAY.

        • Yaj on March 20, 2013 at 10:51 am

          One can use the Firefox web browser combined with various addons to kill trackers and java script selectively, and yes Giza Death Star has both trackers and java script running on it. Killing those things can vastly speed up any website. HOWEVER, then sometimes things like comments fail to post, show, or log on fails, but those addons are work trying with Firefox.

          Just to be contrary, a Mac costs pretty much the same as fast HP or Lenovo, but one can get a basic HP or Lenovo for less than the basic Mac which will be faster.

          • paul de gagne on March 20, 2013 at 11:47 am

            To be honest I don’t know my a$$ from my elbow when it comes to computers and programs like java or Firefox or whatever. I’m really computer ILLITERATE! I wish you were accompanying me when I purchased the computer. I really wanted a gateway (I heard they own HP?) like the last one I had but Best Buy(where I bought it) and other stores are crooks? Best buy is closing down stores all over the country. A year and a half ago I bought computer insurance from them that was for 4 yrs for around a 190 dollars. Last month they are selling a GEEK SQUARD shit that only covers the user for around a 1 yr. and it costs around 129.$$ to boot!

            It’s no wonder their heading the same place Circuit City ended up and one cant blame Walmart (where I bought mine because I’m poor in cash but not in spirit, I think?) and nobody around Best Buy to help explain things to me!

            I met and occasionally talked to this one guy who was another down but not out or out-of-luck unemployed computer technician who told me to just go buy a used laptop for a 100 dollars. I didn’t because I wouldn’t know how to set things up for my self. (he said you can get some cable to connect a computer to a TV instead of some fancy router that best buy sells for around 95 dollars for only 6.95 on e-bay. The dam PIRATES!

            Anyway I’m happy with what I got. Now I just have to get over my initial excitement and stop obsessing (spending too much time on the dam internet for Boston’s a terrific town to end up in with much to do. Tonight, I am going over to Harvard Bookstore and listen to some scientist/writer talk about (pitch) his new book called ‘The Unreality of Physical Reality.’ (I hope the speaker doesn’t leave me in the dust with all these Quantum Abstractions, ha, ha.! I only got a 53% score on a scientific literacy quiz that was offered on one of the sites Farrell mentioned in a recent article?)

            So what — for I think I am going to enjoy myself. I do wish Farrell would come to Boston in one of those conventions but I haven’t heard of any (I don’t know for sure because I haven’t took an interest in them before.)

            I guess people aren’t that much concerned that the Sphinx is OLDER than what we been told. But then again there are plenty of smart cookies around Boston that I could learn how to sic – EMULATE in more ways than one. I can think of white-haired and black George Washington Carver who was being honored and giving a scientific talk down in the old days down South but he had to use the back door or servants entrance because he was a …. YOU KNOW… I wont say the word, unbelieveable hypocracy! (The 21st Century is not the only time many scientists were morally bankrupt?)

            Time to go take a nap. Thanks YAJ. Your advice is always welcome!

          • Yaj on March 20, 2013 at 1:28 pm


            These are things you can learn, Firefox will run on Windows system or a Mac.

            Extended warrantees only really help if the hardware physically breaks.

            HP is its own company, some years back HP bought Compaq, but that’s immaterial, HP computers run Windows, like Gateway, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Asus, etc.

            One thing that makes Windows computers slower than Macs is unnecessary background processes running/starting with the computer, for example Google this that and the other, even though you don’t use Google programs–this has next to nothing to do with searching Google on the web. You can shut down things that you don’t use by looking for msconfig, yes it’s part of Win8. Also learn to set system restore points.

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