March 17, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This story is more than a year old, but patience, there's method in my (postponed) madness, and by "madness" I mean to indicate anger, not insanity, and though there may be insanity in this blog, it is not my own, but our good "friends" in one of the world's most corrupt "businesses" (that would be "agribusiness" and "GMOs"), and one of its most breathtakingly unscrupulous, corrupt, and anti-human corporate representatives, Mon(ster)santo. Check out this article from January 2012:

Busted: Monsanto Abusing Illegal Workers in ‘Slave-Like’ Conditions

Well, a belated "three cheers" for Argentina for putting an end to the practice in that country. We can only hope that the Argentinians will concoct a ruse to lure the high corporate muckety-mucks of Mon(ster)santo to Buenos Aires, and then promptly clap them all in irons for a few decades, and feed them nothing but their own GMO "food".

But that's wishful thinking.

I do, however, have a modest proposal.

Last Thursday (March 14, 2013) on my News and Views from the Nefarium  I spoke about the emerging BRICs nations and the "think tanks" they were each sponsoring to do long term cultural analysis of the institutions of power and corruption in the West, and their own long-term strategic plans and responses to some of these.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that at least some of the impetus behind the formation of BRICS - or, with the addition of South Africa, BRICSA - is in response to the increasing unipolarism of American and Western foreign policy and interventionism.

So I have a modest proposal for the BRICSA nations' think tanks:

  1. Catalogue all scientific studies of GMO foods and give them even more publicity;
  2. Evolve BRICSA-sponsored food safety standards for BRICSA nations;
  3. Develop natural seed banks and companies and promote these products wherever GMO companies like Duponzanto and Mon(ster)santo go and do so as a component of infrastructure development and loan agreements, and finally;
  4. Sponsor national and World Court action against such practices as outlined in the article above;
  5. Issue statements of support for non-BRICSA nations taking steps to ban GMOs and corrupt mercantilist practices favoring them.

It's not much, but it's a start. Why the BRICSA nations? Well, for the simple reason that other than a few courageous nations in the EU, or Latin America (Peru, Ecuador, Argentina), one can no longer expect any decent policy from the USA in this respect, though there is a growing movement to sponsor state and local initiatives. Elevating the issue to a more international level may accomplish what cannot be done in America's corrupted and very nearly useless political process.

See you on the flip side.