1. Berezovsky was not a billionaire for years. Different kind of lawsuits(against former wifes, former accomplices) and no income from Russia made him bankrupt. He’s former lawyer said that Berezovsky tried to borrow 5 000 dollars for plane ticket week ago.
    He has been charged in terrorism in Russia more than ten years ago(and not only terrorism).
    Week ago Berezovsky wrote a letter to Putin, in which he apologized for his crimes against Russia and asked Putin to let him come back to Russia. Berezovsky friend says that all his thoughts were about returning to Russia.
    I don’t think that this death has something to do with Cyprus.

  2. I fall into the marcos camp.
    When I see these “suicides” in journalists, oligarchs, whistleblowers, political puppets, ect., I think: suicided.

    So often as wolf been called;
    I see him only when:
    “The Coast Is Clear” is called.

  3. Yeah, Beresovsky was hated by many in Russia.

    He was old enough to have died in his sleep, he could have commited suicide, or he could have been killed.

    I doubt that we people on the street will ever really know which one it was.

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