1. That old grouch J.P. Morgan might be just “slightly” turning in his grave.

    You cannot tell me that there are quite a few countries “looking into” some of Tesla’ ideas, and I would say the prime candidate would be the Ruskies.

    But any country, who is sick of being tied to the elite controlled petrochemical world, would be only to anxious to investigate “all possibilities” to get away from the strangle hold the elites have on them.

    Maybe down the track they can dig up ol’ Tesla, bring him back to life and give him a second chance at stardom, well it’s a nice idea.

    1. This Korean inductive transmission of power isn’t even close to what Tesla claimed for wireless power. And it’s not at all clear that Tesla achieved over unity success–unless you count Niagra Falls as an open system. Far more interesting would be: Moray, Kron, Hendershot, Keely, Edwin Gray, P Farnsworth, Hans Coler, even Wilhelm Reich, Stubblefied, John Hutchinson, and then there are many more names unknown to me who reported success with open systems energy generation. It’s a much bigger leap than simply giving up petroleum; it’s giving up the idea of having to burn things to generate energy.

  2. Could this be a slowly letting the cat out of the bag on Tesla tech maybe just wondering.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    If it were, they’d say,
    “Hey! ‘We’ got the patent on that. Of course, due to ‘our’ national security, it was placed in our treasured memory hole. Until, of course, we need a new money/bankster saving monopolized technology to immediately “discover”.

  4. That’s a long way from Tesla’s wireless power transmission. Not even really related.

    There are inductive chargers for things like cell phones, and maglev trains use something similar.

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