1. One among many things is that a electronic mircochip brain would be vulnerable to radiation more so than good old meat brian.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    “They” even say that a butterfly remembers being a caterpillar.
    How would they know?
    In this metamorphosis,
    how much of “you” would be left.
    And would the good old you, be past quaint?

  3. I could go real ‘gaga” pondering all the possibilities of these ten technologies! I could even forget I have two feet planted on the ground and think I can fly anywhere and do anything like some Lucid Dreaming States

    All this reminds me of the Greek Warning about too much “Hubris?” (buyer beware!)

    I sure would love to have my head frozen in a jar right next to the famous Walt Disney!

    Maybe this frozen animation stuff will end up just like being in a Steve Martin movie where one jar of brains falls in love with another jar of brains on an opposite shelf. (though that might not be too bad an idea, ha, ha!)

    I am puzzled by this longevity thing? Say, ” If I could live say ‘1,000 years or longer, I would have time enough to get my dozen or so different PHDs.” With all that kinds of EXPERIENCE I would gain— Why would I need any kind of consciousness transfer or artificial intelligence induced in me. (I wonder how would that work out?)

    Maybe it will be like INFINITY ON DEMAND? Instant brains at the touch of a button!

    Boy, the World could sure use that invention!

    Have a good day today and thanks Joe for pointing us to this transhumanism in a ‘nutshell” web-site.

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