Conspiracy Theater


March 10, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Most of the readers here know I have my own interpretation of The Roswell Incident, and that it does not include (1) ETs or (2) Balloons (be they weather balloon, Japanese balloon bombs, or Mogul balloons). With that in mind, there's now this revelation - a couple of years old now -  if, indeed, a revelation is what it is:

Von Braun at Roswell

Well, for those who've read Roswell and the Reich, there really is nothing new here. By now it seems a fairly reasonable assumption that the Nazi scientists in New Mexico were most likely consulted on their opinion of what the wreckage was, assuming, of course, that it was not a balloon of any sort. Indeed, I argued from context that it was likely that Von Braun, Debus, and others were consulted, and the MAJIC-12 Cooper-Cantwheel documents indicate that they were (provided, of course, one takes them as authentic or at least semi-authentic "disinformation" containing a kernel of truth).

Sadly, there is no argument here, only assertion. We have what has become a standard Roswell methodology: posthumous second-hand dead man's testimony, all in implicit confirmation of the ET interpretation of that Incident, with the usual reference to "the bodies." What never ceases to amaze me is how such stories - in this case, some decades after the event, can gain any traction or attention at all.

Perhaps I am intransigent, or perhaps just not possessed of the elevated consciousness of the Roswell Faith, for to this day, I simply do not see this event in terms of the dialectic that I believe the military deliberately concocted to deal with what, for it, was a political and scientific hot potato, namely, that there were post-war fascists out there, flying around in some pretty sophisticated equipment. No ETs (in this case) needed. It's like watching the playbook of the banksters: it's old, it's been done before. You need something new, guys, not more tiresome secondhand dead-man's testimony.

See you on the flip side....