March 29, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many of you sent this to me, Mr. VT, Ms many in fact I cannot thank you all, but I agree with all of you, this is one that is highly significant in so many ways.  Here's the article:

Warp Factor

In one sense, the sequence of events is predictable. Newton had to publish the equations for gravity and optics before reliable technologies could be constructed on their basis, but once he did, he unwittingly unleashed the industrial revolution. By the same token, the equations of space warps are already out there and have been since the Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre published them.

Now what's interesting about this article is the mere fact that (1) it's a public conference, and (2) that the goal is for humanity to be warp-capable within 100 years, and that means, for humanity to become not just interplanetary but interstellar, in effectfor humanity to become the "ET" to some far-off world of "primitive" hominids. Now if the ET parallelism here sounds a bit fanciful or even out of place, bear with me, and consider this article, which was not sent to me by anyone:

How NASA might build its very first warp drive

I hope you caught that, and if you've been following my books, you probably have, but for those who don't or haven't, perhaps a bit of suggestive dot-connecting will help:

  1. While UFO-phenomena have been reported throughout human history, it nonetheless remains true that the phenomenon grew dramatically during World War Two, and seems to be linked with the human discovery of nuclear fission and fusion, with UFOs showing a marked interest in human nuclear achievements, implying that, if they do represent an ET or "other interdimensional" phenomenon, that nuclear energy appeared to be some kind of "civilizational threshold", a gateway to greater capabilities;
  2. I have argued in some of my books that nuclear detonations, due to their peculiar geometries, may function for a brief moment as "gateways" into higher dimensions, and thus "transduce" energy from the geometric configuration of local space-time into the reaction.

It's the latter possibility here that intrigues me as a possible connection to the second article, for the essence of the change in energy requirements for the projected warp drive is a change in the geometric configuration. And once again, let it be noted that NASA is publicly admitting one of its scientists is working one(he would not have acknowledged this without clearing it with the agency to ensure no security classifications were being violated). This public admission means, in short, that we can fully expect that the European Space Agency (i.e., predominantly Germany and France), that Rosscosmos, Japan, India, China, Brazil and anyone else with a space program will also be working on it.

Now the intriguing thing is simply the public admission and goal: We (the USA) want to be warp-capable in 100 years, and this at a time when the elites of the West are busy with financial meltdowns, Syria, Iran, Cyprus, and what have-you.

IN short, there's something else going on here folks, a genie is being let out of the bottle, the public is being prepared for something. We're at that point when Europe was beginning to think of expansion, Spain, and Portugal, and the first secret discussions about exploring a new world across the Atlantic. And let's remember, the record now seems fairly clear that certain private and secretive groups in Europe were already there long before Columbus...and that's part of our story, but that has to wait until tomorrow...

...See you on the slip side.