March 30, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I talked about the public admissions by DARPA and NASA that they were conducting actual experiments on the notion of a warp drive for deep space exploration and (though not stated, always an implication) colonization by humans. Such a practical capability would, as I suggested yesterday, give humanity not merely a practical interplanetary capability but a practical interstellar one. All this was made possible by the publication of the equations for such space-warping by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre.

But I ended by suggesting that maybe we're simply being publicly prepared for something. We are, I noted, in roughly the same position as Europe in, say, 1450: the word is already spreading, covertly and quietly, that there is "something else" over the western sea, and it's not just another route to China or the spice islands, and preparations are being made to make it public. The problem, as we now know, is that certain secretive groups - the Templars, for example - are now almost conclusively thought in most circles within the alternative research and truth community to have made the voyages much earlier than Columbus, and there is evidence that the Vikings did it long before that.

The analogy, I submit, may be truer to the present case than a superficial reading may suggest, for there is one more context that, I submit, gives a very different perspective on these events and experiments than meets the general public eye.

That context is the statements made toward the end of his life, and after his retirement, by former Lockheed-Martin  Skunk Works director, Ben Rich. Reportedly, Rich stated at conferences of engineering alumni from the black projects world, and reiterated such statements on his deathbed, that the black projects world had "found an error in the equations" and that we now could "take ET home," implying some fundamental paradigm shift had been achieved in theoretical physics in the black projects world, implying a similar technological renaissance.

The trouble is, Alcubierre published his paper at the approximate same time Ben Rich was making his statements, though it is clear from Rich's remarks, that he was talking about a discovery of an "error" that had been made some time before he made his remarks. The idea of an elapse of time is indicated by another set of implications that fell out of the remarks that Rich made, namely, that we now had the technology to take ET home.

If all this speculation be true, then it puts the DARPA conference and NASA experiments into a peculiar light, for it would indicate that what is being done is a "slow release" and cultural preparation for a technology that will radically transform human culture, institutions, and most of all, finances and economics...

It would mean, in short, that there is a space-age equivalent of the Vikings and Templars, already busily though covertly conducting their business in the New World, while the rest of Europe is quietly prepared for the public revelation. DARPA's conference would therefore simply mean that the USA intends to play the role of Spain in 100 years...

...and that, too, may be a message, and if it is, it's a bad one, because the message would be we're here to convert, plunder, and conquer.

See you on the flip side.