April 17, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now here's two stories from our friends at RT(Russia Today) that put an even more interesting twist on the recent events in Cyprus.  Before I offer an opinion on what they might mean, the articles themselves:

Russia to restructure €2.5bn loan to Cyprus

Cyprus to finance bailout by selling €400mn of gold reserves

Now, let's indulge in our usual high octane speculation:

  1. Note that President Putin made the announcement at a joint press conference with German Chancellorin Angela Merkel. Message: Russia and Germany are in solidarity on the crisis, and determined to hold the EU together. Corollary message: Europe and Germany are not going to be subservient actors to London and New York.  This message has also been strongly suggested by the German effort to repatriate its gold from the US Federal Reserve. In a word: there is a geopolitical realignment occurring right in this announcement itself. And it's a huge realignment, a realignment that British geopolitics had long tried to prevent: that of Germany, and Russia. 
  2. Cyprus, in order to gain a bailout more favorable to it appears to have bowed to pressure to sell some of its gold reserves, and we can guess, in the context, who the ultimate buyers behind the scenes will be: Germany, and Russia. Message: we have no confidence in the western system of finance (and that means the euro, folks), but we'll play the game a little bit longer until we have other pieces where we want them.

We are watching a great synchronicity here, for those who know it, Cyprus was once a colony of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. Then, too, the banksters of the day laid a heavy hand on the island, until it revolted. The revolt was crushed. But in its way, Cyprus then had lit a fuse, one that would not go out until the whole of Europe, fed up with Venetian corruption and duplicity, banned together to take out the banksters. It was called the War of the League of Cambrai, and it was only undone by (who else?) papal duplicity against its own allies in the form of the equally well-connected and duplicitous Pope Julius II (who, incidentally, was a della Rovere. They're right up there, or down there, with the della Torre i Tassos [look 'em up, you'll recognize the German version of the family name]).

If the indicator we mentioned yesterday, a high Italian magistrate, is any signal of the future, this movement is only going to grow.

And watch for Germany and Russia to be quietly moving behind it.

See you on the flip side.