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We've seen a couple of concerns about e-mail updates, but they seem to be describing different issues, not the same issue. We can explore this, if needed, but not effectively unless affected users fill out a support request. This gives us the info needed to investigate the issue, lets us track patterns, and gives us an effective means to respond. In the interim, we aren't seeing any functionality with the web site that we can definitively say is affected.

  • Issue 1: Issues with google feedburner subscriptions, which are subscriptions to the blog posts or comments via e-mail (obtained by signing up with the e-mail updates form on the site, or the icons at the top of the page) occur entirely on google's web site, not Giza's (even the popup that occurs when you click it, is actually google's web site), and those updates are managed by google. We have no way to ensure that you get e-mails from google, but there are tips and possible fixes in the support FAQ.
  • Issue 2: The only other issue we've seen anecdotally is a concern about a "follow these comments" type of checkbox at the bottom of each comment form on each post. This is not a feature we're aware of having offered, but it's possible. If you're used to seeing some kind of checkbox there, and don't see it, complete a support ticket so we can track the issue and ask for clarifications, etc. Update: We have located the issue with this and resolved it. Issue #1 (google subscriptions) is not affected, but if you use both, this could be causing some confusion. Please note the way Google subscriptions appear, below.



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  1. kamutef on April 9, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Off topic: Former Members of Congress to Spill The Beans On ET Disclosure


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