What has been very interesting to me in recent months is how the dynamic of this site has changed, and the give-and-take and feedback that occurs here, as so many of you are sending me articles that, in the group dynamic of things, I never could possibly have found on my own.  One of the areas that many of you are tracking and sending me articles on is the financial sector, and in some cases it makes blogging difficult, because in reviewing what you send me, it is forcing me to see threads and connections.

This day's blog is a case in point. As I was reviewing all the articles, thinking about a connecting thread, my immediate reaction was "miscellanies," and I thought initially to file each of what I will refer to in this blog as its own individual tidbit. But then it struck me that behind the miscellanies there was a common thread, and more importantly, that that thread was unravelling and becoming frayed, tattered, and stretched to the snapping point.

Consider that fact that most of us have complained - myself included - that these banksters seem to be running through the raindrops and getting off scot-free, but in reality, behind the scenes, there is (considerably under-reported) action:

Freddie Mac Sues Multiple Banks Over Libor Manipulation

Granted, it's not much (considering the massive mortgage fraud and derivatives and credit default swaps), but it is a message that "too big to fail" does not translate into "too big to punish," though the converse might be true: if it can be pursued and punished, it should also be able to fail. In short, it's a small sign that there are now deep fissures in the globalogna of the Anglo-American financial oligarchy, corporations are now turning on each other, like Mafia families after the meetings of the bosses.

But there's more. Remember the sudden demise of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and what for all intents and purposes looked like a deliberate set-up, and the sudden ascendancy of Christine LaGarde? Well, it seems her home was searched recently:

Police search IMF chief home in Paris

Whatever is going on here, we can bet it concerns more than Sarkozy and payments to French billionaires.

Along with the growing disenchantment in the EU, there is even a movement afoot taking a long hard look at the corporate charter and shenanigans of the City of London:

Revolt against City of London's medieval elders

Now what is interesting here is that (1) the article appears in a French source, raising the stakes a little higher, and (2) that the article is calling, not so much for the examination and scrutiny of the City of London and its activities, but rather that it should take the lead in regulating and thereby shoring up the fast dwindling trust in the whole central banking-prime banking scheme (think the first article and LIBOR here).

And as we've noted previously, Mexico wants its Bank of England gold audited, and Switzerland is thinking about repatriation (as if they don't have enough tungsten-filled gold bars under the runways in Zurich already):

Mexico to audit its gold holdings at the Bank of England

Swiss vote on gold repatriation

I'll bet you missed those stories on Fauz News, See No News (CNN), or SeeBS...thank goodness for the Russian media and the internet, right?

And last but not least, even the State (or should we start calling it The Republic) of Texas is thinking about hoarding gold, and Bernanke (that's the guy on top of the ponzi the forgery sch... uhm, the Federal Reserve Bank) appears that he's about to throw in the towel:

Texas May Start Hoarding Gold…Secession Next?

Ben Bernanke Has Had Enough

But hey, other than a few quadrillion in derivatives and credit default swaps, a little problem with banks robo-signing mortgages, and some other stuff we've been talking about for a while here, all is well in New World Order Globaloney Banksterdom.

And the best news is, all those homeless and jobless in America and elsewhere is just an illusion. The economy is recovering. We know. We told you so. Believe us. We're Good.  We have no disagreements. Watch the pendulum and listen only to the sound of my voice. We manage the world with our brilliance. We're completely united with each other. We make common purpose...

...April fools.

See you on the flip side.

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. paul de gagne on April 8, 2013 at 2:40 am

    A nice song by a Connuc group — called Bugger the Banksters! If you have a passion to vent and like loitering go to U-tube and watch the above reference. Enjoy!

  2. Asar8978 on April 3, 2013 at 9:23 am

    This is a good time to employ our shadenfreude. I just hope that they all learn while they burn.

  3. paul de gagne on April 3, 2013 at 3:03 am

    If ever it comes a time when we find ourselves being in a MAD MAX World — there may come a situation where gold is useless. Suppose I want to buy 3 sheep from Farmer McDonald. Old Mac donald says phooey on gold. I want a barrel of nails, a couple of rakes and a hammer! Then I’ll give you my three good sheep! What good is gold. CANT EAT IT!

    Until that day if ever comes (probably out west somewhere) —-I’m with you, I want something I can sink my false teeth in, ha, ha!

    This tungstin business is worrisome. In the end I’ll settle for a few copper shillings! And like the Jews I wont jiggle them in my pocket for some people don’t like playing by the rules. Notice, not many blacks display their gold chains anymore. It can get you knifed for displaying it in certain places.

    Up in Cambridge, Ma. near where I dwell the majority of affluent up and coming people ‘dress down?’ A good thing too for all I can afford is Goodwill clothes. It’s beneficial because now I don’t need a 10 thousand dollar suit to blend in and can be a spy. See what these Bio-Tech transhumanists are up by overhearing conversations in coffee houses.

    Lower Cambridge has got to be one of the major centers for Transhumanism on this Earth! (oh, I almost forgot MIT)

    ( but it’s like a very slight ‘RIPPLE’ in the Sea-water? By the time Cambridge reaches the other side of the Planet — HEADS UP for we may be in for a dunking!)

    OPPs, there I go again —getting convoluted in my delirium or — or as you say, “In the Dream!”

    Have a good day today — I am going to continue my shopping for Art to hang up. I once had a giant poster of Picasso’s ‘Bullfighter” and a wooden backed picture of Van Gogh’s – The Room?in my bachelor-pad.

    I wonder what dear old fate will bring me this day – Wendsday = TODAY!


  4. LSM on April 2, 2013 at 4:42 am

    more about Texas:

    guess we’ll have to wait and see how much clout there is behind the saying “don’t mess with Texas!” 🙂

  5. Frankie Calcutta on April 1, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    The Mexican calls for a gold audit is the most telling. A very mercenary elite with no love for American and London banksters I’m sure, yet I doubt they would turn on the banksters unless they smelled blood. The repercussions of running afoul of the banksters is too ingrained in their memory and their economy is to vulnerable to bankster retaliation. Therefore they must have good reason to suspect the banksters have lost their omnipotence and possibly the BRICS/Holy Roman Empire is Mexico’s new suitor.

  6. DaphneO on April 1, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    I have just read Jim Willie’s latest letter, which he regards as his most important ever. He gives in great detail the way in which the US$ will be rendered worthless and the BRIICSA (including Iran) will wrest power from the west.

    I could go on, but much better to read for yourselves.

    Long, but absolutely vital reading as I see it.

    • johnycomelately on April 1, 2013 at 10:59 pm


      That article certainly puts a lot into perspective, definately matches the good Dr’s analysis of Eurasia being the key to Western Geopolotics.

      Can’t see the Us going down without a fight and a false flag or two.

    • paul de gagne on April 2, 2013 at 4:03 am


      I read the reference you posted. Although, some would say it was informative I don’t?

      1st warning sign — Hat trick letter. (that’s telling the not so dumbies that it’s all baloney. The post is meant for people who only think their insiders because they read certain things.)

      Do you believe anyone named “Jim WILES —– Just his last name alone signals or gives hints? His last name alone gives me the WILIES, ha, ha!

      (HOW DUMBSTRUCK PEOPLE ARE WITH ALL THIS BRIC SHIT! Oh well, I guess it sells newspapers on the Conspiracy Network!)

      Who did what to whom therefore this will happen according to that.

      If in direct causality things always made logical sense then we wouldn’t be in the fix we are in or should I say, “The World?”

      I’ll give you a clue – Cyprus is just one bigger EXPERIMENT that the world’s SOCIAL ENGINEERS are using to GUAGE public reactions. The statistics just tells the very top pinacle what’s to be expected further down the line.

      I am wandering too far in the sense it’s too detailed to discuss here. Lets just say, the Leaders of every Country are really one-group with the same goals.

      That goal is to control the — DOMESTIC POPULATION which is everybody’s enemy, North Korea aside or not. (in the game some minor players are expendable —so what, get rid of the pains in the asses who pretend to upset the NWO>We’ll clone him then kill him and send the faithful servant in the Leader’s (witness) Protection Act.)

      The NWO has already arrived long ago! What you are seeing is the ‘ragged-tattered reminants’ of what USED TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The Colapse is coming! === Where have we heard this ‘tune’ before? Over and over again — If something works don’t fix it! And the ‘illusive They -wont!”

      I wish people study the concept of ‘Social Engineering’ a little bit more or more than they have. (try reading the ‘structural mechanisms’ of it in Zygmunt Bauman’s book — Modernity and the Holocaust?” That would help?)

      Back to the basics or simple Elements. A gigantic ww111 is not feasible at this time. (will it ever be considering the weapons? Maybe, if the elite has figured out how to be ‘spirits’ who can afford to blow up the planet — but I doubt it very much. They have gone far in recovering ‘lost technology.” Outside of their Symbolic Minds/Selves they still need toilet paper to wipe themselves with. Now those that don’t — I would be really afraid of not including those that smell. (you can tell those a mile away! I think Farrell is doing a good job pointing this out to those with no olfactiry senses left. BUT their just decoys to distract and amuse our roving eyes off of WHAT?

      The REAL ONES — like Al Pacino once hammed it up in his Movie — The Devil’s Advocate (really a new Faust in drag) when he said — You’ll never see IT coming!

      Another secret — it will smell like a delightful rose, ha, ha! ( a long sought-for SCENT after all the pain and misery!)

      I’ll write more but put it in another posts for it doesn’t directly relate to this BRIC’s NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’TS!

      • paul de gagne on April 2, 2013 at 4:20 am

        Hello Folks,

        I stumbled across this simple statement: (yeah, I am a fumbling bungler in the Dark, ha, ha!)

        The degree of coercive policy brought into play [ in a population
        control program ] should be proportional to the degree of serious-
        ness of the present problem and should be introduced only after
        less coercive means have been exhausted. Thus, overt violence or
        other potentially injurious coercion is not to be used before non-
        injurious coercion has been exhausted.

        Bernard Berelson
        ( President, Population Council )
        and Jonathan Lieberson 1979(1)


        I hate to dispel all you good people’s hopes but the covert means are FAR FROM EXHAUSTED! (just because we have an ‘inkling’ of what’s up or ‘Fishy” doesn’t mean the WORLD does. Remember folks — YOUR NOT THE WORLD! (we’re just part of it.)

        I wish I was a fly in the top secret files of CDC? I would see the medically irresponsible and negligent MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT. Do you know how many people die in hospitals who didn’t have to!

        Yes, we hear of what’s being done to those OVER THERE with different skin-tones never realizing the ‘game plan’ that DOZE PEOPLE are US!

        One thing is very, very SCARCE in our Society — The U. S. mortuary statistics = hidden in plan sight. ( But do you have a 1000 dollars to pay for an aspirin? What with this new technology and you can hang on for a little bit longer you may live to 150! (That is if your pockets jingle with goal coins, ha, ha!)

      • DaphneO on April 2, 2013 at 2:48 pm

        Willie – not Wiles.
        Sorry, I couldn’t really get what you were trying to say.

        However I agree with Dr Farrell in that there is more than one faction, all of which are fighting for power right now. As demonstrated on 911. An op within an op within an op.

        If the east can really wrest power from the Anglo elite, that would be better for our world -but not necessarily for us… And definitely noy for America. Listen to Dr Paul Craig Roberts podcast on the Op Ed site.

        • paul de gagne on April 2, 2013 at 5:56 pm

          Thank You DaphneO, for responding. I guess I was getting too convoluted. (all tangled up in my own knots!)

          About this being better off with the East. You got to be kidding me. (in China they use to boil people alive in hot oil. Nah, the World wouldn’t be better off. And how can you say that when thousands are trapped in sweat shops working for a quarter an hour making plastic knick- knacks like some of our grandparents did in the Great Depression?

          The World would be better off if it could turn back the clock and start all over again. At least that’s one theory of mine that can never be proven wrong, ha, ha!

          Power is is Power and those who weld it eventual abuse it. I am an anarchist from way back and although that political theory is just in its anti–authoritarianism it scares people for who wants possible bloodbaths — we got enough of those yet all this law and order will probably end up in the same place. (There’s my Anthropological Anti-Civil side showing up again? Forgive me if I don’t have much Faith in sic – so-called Civilization. It once was my favorite subject when I was a half-baked student in Community College?)

          OR, the lesser of two Evils is still Evil. (I imagine you heard that too many times?)

          You right about Farrell noting and pointing out possible fractions. Some hope that somebody somewhere can throw a monkey-wrench in all that division and ruin plans. All is not well at the top or “No Honor Among Thieves.”

          I remember a title of a book I liked very much by Noam Chomsky called “Pirates and Emperors.” (is there really any difference between the two? (Yes there is — One has a legetimite ‘RACKET” and the other wants to hone in on it! Or What Ralph Nader called these Corporate Executives/Banksters — Pirates hiding behind Big Business Walls!

          Yeah, I like some of Paul Craig Roberts stuff and once in a while I listen to him. I think he’s a dying breed for I don’t think he thinks people really ” heed his words. The sound of his voice although prophetic is not encouraging. He’s a lousy salesman but that could be good? ” Hearing you mention his name along with a few others is a good sign that somebody does? Since you mentioned him I like — Melaine Kline or the one that wrote Shock Doctrine. She’s alright as a liberal, I guess? She certain beats that Rockerfeller grantee who announces Democracy Now!

          I’m distracted again. I need to go eat my chili beans with rice before it gets cold. I got lucky this evening and found a really nice black and white photo print of a forest with the sun shinning through the shadows. It even has a black frame and enclosed in glass. It looks really good over the wall of my computer.

          I only paid 10 bucks. I lucked out!

          Now to go eat — thanks again for your notice.

          • DaphneO on April 3, 2013 at 4:37 am

            Boiling people alive? We have killed them, tortured them beyond endurance and starved millions around the world. As for those sweat shops that Op Ed article by Dr Roberts I mentioned explains exactly how “we” made that possible.

            What I am saying is that some people in all countries are capable of maximum cruelty.

            But China is not the only country in the east.

            Unfortunately though, we will the people will not have a choice in this. The winds of change are upon us for better or worse.

            It’s good to get a painting you like at bargain prices! Enjoy!

          • paul de gagne on April 3, 2013 at 6:10 am

            Yeah, we could have a one-up-manship on whose the cruelest in the world. (that would be kind of like chasing our own tails — futile and sort of energy-draining. If there is one sad story I learned in my counseling days is that one really cant change an ‘other’s mind.>” So why try? I wont.)

            Differences of opinion I believe are really differences in perception. Which is just one’s sic — man’s view? If every single individual is different from every other ‘body’ than where’s the difference in that? We’d be all the same clones in our differences! (That is just what the Elite love — a dis-united populace!)

            I did hear many good things about New Zealand. New Zealand is the East, right? Maybe not, it’s all relative. I use to kid my Australian Chat Room Buddies by asking them “How come you don’t fall off the Earth being your up-side-down, down there, ha, ha!

            I think I’d like New Zealand? Maybe because its where they filmed Lord of the Rings, I’m not sure?)

            At least I think during the 70s NZ refused to let Nuclear Ships dock in their Harbors. They wanted no part of the Nuclear Madness and besides having one of them in your port makes for a ‘possible’ target?

            India —forget it. They were once the leading industry in Textiles til the British destroy it but still — 750,000 people living on sidewalks in Mumbi. The US is no rose garden but still…?

            I don’t know about this ‘Winds of Change?’ I can feel it too but…? I remember reading those early science fiction novels of how science and technology is going to make a worker’s paradise history> Now what do we have today —- lots of poisonous chemicals. About 350 of them if you test the umbilical cords of average newborns.

            And LOTS OF CANCER!

            I sound like a snakes-in-suits politician running for office! Are we any better off now then four yrs again. NO!

            All this SHIFT hoping and wishing I believe isn’t the whole truth and nothing but the truth like they say in a Courtroom.

            It will probably end up being more like Continental Divide. Slow in coming IF it comes at all!

  7. marcos toledo on April 1, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Casino banking continues the Banksters are rolling the dice. Their house of cards is collapsing and their like rats deserting a sinking ship. Gold coated Tungsten isn’t that called fraud where the real Gold anyway and who has it.

  8. Robert Barricklow on April 1, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Just finished a DVD Documentary called, HEIST Who Stole the American Dream. The first half was Great! The 2nd half started going into How To Fix It, & the fix was in. Forget the 2nd half.
    The first half explicitly showed how the financial criminal syndicate was not worried about any sheriff on Earth, nor any court system holding them accountable.
    The history of these crimes is replete throughout the history of man. In recent times Lincoln & even Hitler fought against the syndicate.
    They eventually lost the war;
    But some battles were won.

    It all comes down to the old saying:

    The struggle of man against power
    Is the stuggle of memory against forgetting.

  9. DaphneO on April 1, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Then you would need to ask Russia and China why they are stockpiling. and why so many countries are wanting to repatriate their gold.

    Gold has more intrinsic value than fiat money, and especially the US$, which is being printed at will. Gold would be preferable to fiat at this time of great uncertainty. And… Away from the reach of the banks.

    But you would understand this reasoning, so what better way for Texas to retain the value of its savings do you have in mind? Bitcoin?

    • DaphneO on April 1, 2013 at 8:20 am

      This was intended as a reply to Yaj.

      • Yaj on April 1, 2013 at 1:06 pm


        Gold has no intrinsic value, unless you know of some special use for it, not one that’s at all publicly acknowledged. And gold can likely be made in quantity at will by various parties. All of which leads me to thing those who chase gold are doing so almost exclusively for speculative reasons.

        • DaphneO on April 1, 2013 at 3:04 pm

          Yaj, I understand what you say. But at this particular time in history I would prefer to have gold and silver sitting outside the bank than fiat money,which is intrinsically worth less each day as more and more is created out of nothing to fill a bottomless pit.

          I know what Dr Farrell says, but right now I would prefer to believe in PMs than paper. And know the time to get out.

          Cypriots would not be in the position they are today if they had held PMs outside the system.

          Sometimes you can know what is ultimately truth, but playing the game could be a better option.

          And maybe not. Time will tell.

          • Yaj on April 2, 2013 at 5:55 pm


            Fine, but that’s speculative position you’ve taken, that’s not some inherent value of gold.

            Feel free to speculate all you like, I think you’ll be surprised when alchemy gets the best of that, oh wait. Also trade in the short term may mean something for some speculative positions but those become next to meaningless with widespread availability of over unity technologies and the inherent better understanding of the nature of reality those comes with them.

          • DaphneO on April 2, 2013 at 6:36 pm

            Yaj, I won’t be surprised. I do read Dr Farrell’s works.
            But at this time “in the dream” gold has more value than fiat money.

  10. paul de gagne on April 1, 2013 at 8:16 am

    I remember a saying, “Wall Street is a rich man’s race track.” It’s all funny money when betting on the ponnies. Somebody will win in the end and somebody will lose. Let’s hope your exposing all this and your optimism, Mister Farrell, wins out?

    Isn’t it nice that people are getting involved and sending you stuff. Many heads(hands) lighten the analytical load. Then again one does get bogged down in the swamps of too much INFORMATION. (hint, hint — let some of this emails serve as articles but I think your ahead of me on this. Lighten the load, why not? It’s not an infringement on an author’s rights unless some sender is doing a little plagerizing, ha, ah-ha?)

    (I tell you, I don’t know what is worst. Not enough information like down in South America or too much information like up in the most post-modern western deserts of the USA ink!)

    I think I would prefer too much provided I had a ‘thread’ to work this labyrith they call Hypereality? I caught that inuendo about Bankers’ Schemes being a bit unraveled or frayed at the edges. (Now where did I hear that refrain or compliant before?)

    Yeah, models do get a little ‘dizzying’ at times and we must find some way or means of finding “COHERENCE’ in all these sic – ‘fragments!’ After all we are only human and by nature ‘order’ drives us on. No, some may say Love Chaos (those magically inclined but that’s too dark down there!) But in my opinion that last frame is just a reaction on their part denying what they failed at or may be after in the End? Probably the book it’s still out on it.

    Different personality make-ups often finally decide emotional issues and not some brilliant or trumped up Hypothesis?

    Earlier I was telling a little fib about not remembering that metaphor of tattering threads at the edges or seams of all this Bankster organic fertilizer.

    Right in the beginning of Baudrillard’s book – Simulation —- is that story by some Spanish author(I cant spell his name but it sounds like Borgis) who drew a map that covered the entire Kingdom then forget the Kingdom and like the Banksters want us to ‘worship’ the rag-a-dee map!

    Si Senor and Senora(s) Thank heavens for the occasional female to give us the feminine touch for us men will blow-up the planet. (Gail, your most welcomed!)

    I know you heard the story Joe but I like to prod you along just as I noticed a couple of people in here prodded you along with their experties in the Fine Arts – Classical and Operatic.

    I like that kind of FEEDBACK very much. Keeps one on their tip-pa-tee toes. Ha, ha! (mustn’t forget our roots, right?)

  11. Yaj on April 1, 2013 at 6:34 am

    What would Texas buy with its gold? And why would that gold be particularly valuable? Gold is simply valued for speculative purposes, it has no inherent value. And likely can be made in quantity.

    • bdw000 on April 1, 2013 at 5:35 pm

      I agree.

      Gold is just a medium of exchange. Well, there are practical uses for it of course (circuit boards, etc).

      If you’re starving to death, a million pounds of gold would not be worth one slice of bread.

      • DaphneO on April 2, 2013 at 4:23 pm

        But… You might be able to buy that bread, whereas people who didn’t have a few silver coins, or jewellery etc, would not. That is why the Jews always carried gold with them wherever they went through the centuries.

        I argue the case for the PMs, while knowing that one day this medium will not be relevant.

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