April 1, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

What has been very interesting to me in recent months is how the dynamic of this site has changed, and the give-and-take and feedback that occurs here, as so many of you are sending me articles that, in the group dynamic of things, I never could possibly have found on my own.  One of the areas that many of you are tracking and sending me articles on is the financial sector, and in some cases it makes blogging difficult, because in reviewing what you send me, it is forcing me to see threads and connections.

This day's blog is a case in point. As I was reviewing all the articles, thinking about a connecting thread, my immediate reaction was "miscellanies," and I thought initially to file each of what I will refer to in this blog as its own individual tidbit. But then it struck me that behind the miscellanies there was a common thread, and more importantly, that that thread was unravelling and becoming frayed, tattered, and stretched to the snapping point.

Consider that fact that most of us have complained - myself included - that these banksters seem to be running through the raindrops and getting off scot-free, but in reality, behind the scenes, there is (considerably under-reported) action:

Freddie Mac Sues Multiple Banks Over Libor Manipulation

Granted, it's not much (considering the massive mortgage fraud and derivatives and credit default swaps), but it is a message that "too big to fail" does not translate into "too big to punish," though the converse might be true: if it can be pursued and punished, it should also be able to fail. In short, it's a small sign that there are now deep fissures in the globalogna of the Anglo-American financial oligarchy, corporations are now turning on each other, like Mafia families after the meetings of the bosses.

But there's more. Remember the sudden demise of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and what for all intents and purposes looked like a deliberate set-up, and the sudden ascendancy of Christine LaGarde? Well, it seems her home was searched recently:

Police search IMF chief home in Paris

Whatever is going on here, we can bet it concerns more than Sarkozy and payments to French billionaires.

Along with the growing disenchantment in the EU, there is even a movement afoot taking a long hard look at the corporate charter and shenanigans of the City of London:

Revolt against City of London's medieval elders

Now what is interesting here is that (1) the article appears in a French source, raising the stakes a little higher, and (2) that the article is calling, not so much for the examination and scrutiny of the City of London and its activities, but rather that it should take the lead in regulating and thereby shoring up the fast dwindling trust in the whole central banking-prime banking scheme (think the first article and LIBOR here).

And as we've noted previously, Mexico wants its Bank of England gold audited, and Switzerland is thinking about repatriation (as if they don't have enough tungsten-filled gold bars under the runways in Zurich already):

Mexico to audit its gold holdings at the Bank of England

Swiss vote on gold repatriation

I'll bet you missed those stories on Fauz News, See No News (CNN), or SeeBS...thank goodness for the Russian media and the internet, right?

And last but not least, even the State (or should we start calling it The Republic) of Texas is thinking about hoarding gold, and Bernanke (that's the guy on top of the ponzi the forgery sch... uhm, the Federal Reserve Bank) appears that he's about to throw in the towel:

Texas May Start Hoarding Gold…Secession Next?

Ben Bernanke Has Had Enough

But hey, other than a few quadrillion in derivatives and credit default swaps, a little problem with banks robo-signing mortgages, and some other stuff we've been talking about for a while here, all is well in New World Order Globaloney Banksterdom.

And the best news is, all those homeless and jobless in America and elsewhere is just an illusion. The economy is recovering. We know. We told you so. Believe us. We're Good.  We have no disagreements. Watch the pendulum and listen only to the sound of my voice. We manage the world with our brilliance. We're completely united with each other. We make common purpose...

...April fools.

See you on the flip side.