April 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Once again, RT (Russia Today) is running a story that you'll never see on American (and probably Canadian, British, Australian, or New Zealand TV, and we might be hard pressed to find it ins continental European media), and it concerns the nutritional value of GMO corn.

Now here's the story as RT ran it, incidentally, on the same day as the Boston marathon bombing:

Study reveals GMO corn to be highly toxic

And if you're one of those who mistrusts any report coming out of Russia on principle (I'm not, or rather, I am considerably more inclined to mistrust SeeBS, CNoNews, Faux News or PMSNBC than I am Russia Today), here's the original report:

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Now, before we get to what I think is the real news here, look at those figures again:

There is virtually no nutritional value to GMO corn, while, on the other hand, monsters at Duponzanto and other GMO agribusiness giants are feeding us:

  1. 60 parts per million (PPM) of chlorides;
  2. 60 PPM of unspecified "chemical content";
  3. and a yummy 200 PPM of formaldehyde; and
  4. 13 PPM of glyphosate.

As the "leaked report" RT is referring to states: "Look at the levels of Formaldehyde and Glyphosate IN the corn! The EPA standards for Glyphosate in water in America is .7ppm. In Europe it is .2 ppm. Tests showed organ damage to animals at .1ppm of Glyphosate in water. This corn has 13 ppm!"

Now, that alone should make anyone angry that none of the lamestream media or any government spokesman ever talks about this. Of course, they talk about GMOs all the time, but only to reassure us (since they're bought and paid for shills of the corporations), that it's all entirely safe. But never, ever, is there any real discussion; even the "real discussions" any more are completely contrived, like the so-called "presidential debates" they inflict upon us every four years.

The real news here is that RT is reporting it, not SeeBS, CNoNews, Faux News, all of them, do not report on the story of GMOs or their opposition at all. It's all an internet conspiracy. It's all for "paranoid people and kooks," and all the "great Americans" calling into credulous talk shows. They don't cover it because (1) they're told not to, (2) they wouldn't know what to say if they did.

It is ironic that increasingly we in Amairicuh have to turn to foreign sources to cover stories on issues of importance that get ignored in the corporate propaganda mills that we call our media.  Five decades ago, the idea of turning to Moscow to report reliably on American issues, rather than to Chet Huntley or Walter Cronkite, would have been laughable.

Just one final thought: Keep it up RT, you're doing a better job on this issue than any American television or newspaper media.

See you on the flip side.