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April 18, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Today's daily blog was shared with me by Mr. T.W., and sometimes, you just have to sit back, and let others say it, and say it without much additional commentary.

When you read this, think of Dummycrooks and Republithugs; think of the local edubbabler in your school, of the obnoxious driver blasting down the street in his restored and souped up Monte Carlo, with (c)rap music booming away on a subwoofer that rattles the windows a mile away, sharing his wretched taste in "art" and unrelenting iambic pentameter with all and sundry; think of the banksters in the LIBOR scandal or the mortgage frauds or the credit default swamps and derivatives, all plotting their next round of theft - they'll call it quantitative easing and haircuts and bailouts - at their Bilderberg meeting with their hired experts. Think of GMOs and the corporate and government corruption they have spawned, and that have spawned them. Think of the stolen natural seed banks, the endless panels of bought off "scientists" extolling the virtues of elite agendas. Think of the "scholars" and style manuals that never cite the page number, and clutter the text with parenthetical "references." Think of the American university: ideological reinforcement mills par excellence.

“It is the lowest instincts that spur the men of the Kali Yuga on. They prefer to choose false ideas. They do not hesitate to persecute sages. Desire torments them. Slovenliness, illness, hunger, and fear spread. There will be severe droughts. The different regions of countries will be in conflict with each other. The sacred books are no longer respected. Men will be without morals, irritable and sectarian. In the age of Kali false doctrines and misleading writings spread… Many will perish… Most of the new leaders are of working-class origin. They will hunt down the priests and upholders of knowledge. Fetuses will be killed in the stomachs of their mothers and heroes will be assassinated. The Shudra will claim to behave like Brahmans and the priests like laborers. Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves. Women who have relationships with several men will be numerous…. The earth will produce plenty in some places and too little in others. Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people. Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages. Men who do not possess the virtues of warriors will become kings. Scholars will be in the service of mediocre, conceited, and malevolent men. Priests will degrade themselves by selling the sacraments. There will be many displaced persons, wandering from one country to another… Predatory animals will be more violent….

“Young girls will do trade in their virginity. The god of the clouds will be inconsistent in the distribution of the rains. Shopkeepers will run dishonest businesses. They will be surrounded by pretentious, false philosophers. There will be many beggars and unemployed people. Everyone will use hard and vulgar language. No one will be able to trust anyone else. People will be envious… moralizing puritans characterize the period of the end of the Kali Yuga. … Wealth and harvests will decrease… Rapes will be frequent. Many people will be treacherous, lustful, base, and foolhardy… There will be many children born whose life expectancy is no more than sixteen years… Wheat supplies will be stolen. Thieves will steal from thieves. People will become inactive, lethargic, and purposeless. Illness, rats, and noxious substances will plague them… Unqualified people will pass as experts in matters of morals and religion. People will massacre women, children, cows, and one another.” (Daniélou, Alain; While the Gods Play:  Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind.  Inner Traditions / Bear & Co, Aug 1, 1987.  p. 211f.)


They got it right.

There's nothing else to be said. They saw our age correctly and accurately. They have somehow looked at London and New York, have seen the banksters and oligarchs and all their vast corruption, peered into the megalomaniac messianic socialist mediocrities in Downing Street and the White House, in the Reichskanzlei and the Kremlin and the Forbidden City, and called it for what it is.

See you on the flip side.