1. Then there’s an article in Global Research:

    The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality
    By Dan Glazebrook
    Global Research, April 22, 2013

    It seems every country with a strong man who keeps the radical element down is destroyed and said leader killed… often disgracefully.

    Now it’s time for Assad to go. Yet his country was open enough to allow a couple of million Iraqis flee to it for safety. Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived together okay. Before we started funding crazies to go murder them and destroy their culture.

    I guess I’m too angry at what we are doing here in the west to put a whole lot of blame on the Muslims at this stage, even though I understand there’s a certain type of uneducated, angry Muslim who will do despicable deeds in retaliation.

  2. Good article. Wondered if I should send it to my Christian cousins… 🙂
    I see the Islamic “terrorism” as being brought into being by the west’s nefarious actions against them over the years.

    If we bomb, pillage and rape their countries long and hard enough, we’re sure to get some very angry Muslims, and the fundie ones would believe they had a good cause for Jihad.

    I just came across a book I read back in 2005 called “A War Against Truth: An Intimate Account of the Invasion of Iraq” by Paul William Roberts. Heartbreaking stuff. He was there during the “Shock ‘n Awe” in March 2003 with a friend he’d made at college in the UK.

  3. As we all await the holy dictatorship of El,Elohim ,Yahweh,Allah all hail Planet Hell. Where rape,robbery,murder and driving living things insane is a sacrament.

  4. Not that there’s much to disagree with, well except the massive implication that extremist Islam attacked the USA in the late summer of 2001, but: Would be nice if Roberts would deal with the Islamic extremists funded by the Reagan administration. Also be nice if he’d deal with Reagan’s massive debt increases. G W Bush was just following Ronny’s example, including the “national security” excuses for this that and the other, Obama’s not better either.

  5. If I lived in Venezuela I would be concerned. Another Russian naval base in the gringo’s backyard. What will those yankees do next?

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