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May 13, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you know, I've little good to say about the Amairicun edgycayshun system and the doctors of edubabble, the whole system of credentialization, the goofiness of the federal government's programs for it, and the even goofier trend to put socialist doctrines into curriculum and pedagogy as yet another "educational psychology" or "pedagogical method."  And if you think that that's directed solely at Dummycrooks, think again of "No Child Left behind' (sounds wonderful, doesn't it?) and the havoc wrought by the Republithugs in its name. Years ago, I used to somewhat laughingly tell my college students that, if things continued as they were going in this country, that elevators would soon be crashing into sub-basements, airplanes would soon be falling out of the sky, and in the ultimate manifestation of the ascendancy of the Idiocracy (see the movie folks, when the whole country is run by stupid people in the future...if indeed it is the future), joint-smoking doctors at "St. God's Hospituhl" inform you that "dude, you're chart's, like, all messed up man," and that's their informed professional opinion.

Why, in such an idiocracy, people might be too stupid to man your massive and expensive nuclear missile deterrent, much less be capable of opening their notebooks and following the simple instructions for launching the apocalypse on the Evil Mr. Putin and his Evil Rooskie Munchkins(that would be the new word for "minions" folks, remember, it's an idiocracy we live in) and His Hordes of Godless Non-Bible-Believing Non-Baptist Russians:

17 Air Force officers stripped of authority to launch nuclear missiles

Now, in case you missed them, here are the paragraphs that indicate we're dealing with the Idiocracy:

"But on one of the 22 tasks involving launch operations, it was rated "marginal" which is one step above 'unsatisfactory.'Dorrian called it the equivalent of a 'D' grade.

(Translation: these guys are so stupid we're going to have to install "icons" on the buttons instead of relying on difficult things like alphabets and numbers and launch codes... you know, like they do at McDonald's with the picture cash registers: press the picture of the apple, the donkey, the elephant, and the big mushroom cloud).


-- 'Turn off the TVs.'

(Translation: No more American Idol... you missed the last launch alert because you were too busy watching TV and playing your X-box, and incidentally, the Mark III Launch Computer is not to be confused with your X-Box)

-- 'Clean your patches, uniforms and get your hair cut.'

(Translation: ... and for pity's sake pull your pants up above your butt and over your underwear...)

-- 'Bring to my attention immediately any officer who bad mouths a senior officer.'

(Translation:, certain words beginning with "f" and "m"[that contain the word beginning with "f"] are considered naughty and not to be used in polite company and are inappropriate for addressing someone of a superior rank).

Of course, we can imagine the difficulty of trying to explain a concept like a hierarchy or rank to people of the caliber suggested by the article's remarks, much less concepts like "naughty words" or "polite company").

So, ET, if you're reading this: You can relax, because if the Amaircun edgycayshun system can be successfully exported to the rest of the world along with GMO's - and the Rockefailures are working real hard on it! - people will soon be too stupid to remember how to split atoms, much less how to launch  the missiles with the bombs that have been such a concern of yours since World War Two. You can monitor this progress by watching how many peepl gradgietate from Amairicun universitees and collages with digreez in edgycayshun.

On the serious side: the reality is that the "all volunteer military" is doomed to a long-term trend toward idiocracy...

See you on the flip side.