May 27, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's yet another new study out, this time in the Journal of Hematology and Thromboembolic Diseases connecting Bt toxins to blood disorders including leukemia and anemia:

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia:

"A group of scientists from the Department of Genetics and Morphology, Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Brasilia, Brasilia/DF, Brazil set out to test the purported human and environmental biosafety of GM crops, looking particularly at the role that the Bt toxin found within virtually all GM food crops plays on non-target or non-insect animal species.

"The research was spurred by the Brazilian Collegiate Board of Directors of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), who advocated in 2005 for evaluations of toxicity and pathogenicity of microbiological control agents such as Bt toxins, given that little is known about their toxicological potential in non-target organisms, including humans."

That last line is what interests me: "...given that little is known about their toxicological potential in non-target organisms, including humans." How many times have we been reassured by DuPonzanto and the agribusiness giants that their GMOs are entirely safe? that "the science is good" and all other such reassurances?  Such assertions in my opinion are off the reservation of common sense, for such assertions would have to be based on controlled observations over several generations.

This has not happened. What has happened is the revolving door between big agribusiness and government regulatory agencies, you know, the ones designed to look out for the public good and health, but that really don't. Instead, they end up protecting the agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations.  Of course, the pharmaceuticals do this because they've been hit with lawsuit after lawsuit over their wonder drugs, and this affords them a little protection: "See, we fully informed you... you took the pill at your own risk."

Well, wait until the agribusiness giants start getting sued.  Commercials of Thanksgiving dinners may have to end "consult your physician before eating GMO corn; side effects may include infertility, growing a third nipple, gastro-intestinal impaction,  sudden aortic rupture, dyslexia, persistent stuttering, and social dysfunction..."

All joking aside, it is  intriguing that this study comes out of one of the BRICSA nations, in this case, Brazil. As I suggested in a blog a couple of weeks ago, we can expect more and more of such studies from the BRICSA nations as a challenge to the assured results of agribusiness science.  And they will have the teeth to kick the Mon(ster)santos out... expect more, folks, not less.

See you on the flip side.