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May 17, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

You may recall a couple of days ago I blogged about the protests scheduled around the world against Mon(ster)santo and GMOs. And there I suggested that the whole real motivation behind the exercise was patentable seeds and food, and hence, control over the human food supply. Well here's one shared with me by quite a few of you, and it seems the EU has the right idea (if you're into corporate welfare, tyranny, and fascism of the loonier variety): why not just require all seeds and plants to be registered with the government (i.e., the Euronazis in Brussels)?

Sounds neat, huh?

Sounds far-fetched, huh?

Sounds even more pompy than Van Rompuy, huh?

Well, not even Dummycrooks or Republithugs can compare to the bureaucratic efficiency of Brussels and their sprouting regulatory agencies:

BREAKING: European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with government Learn more:

Yes, you read that correctly, now there's to be a kind of Pflanzensicherheitshauptamt. Growing unregistered petunias? You're a criminal!

Growing unsanctioned begonias? Felon!

Unlicensed tomatos, grapes, corn, wheat? You're probably a potential, if not actual terrorist!

The real meat of it comes with this part:

"Nearly all varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds will be criminalized under this proposed EU law. This means the act of saving seeds from one generation to the next -- a cornerstone of sustainable living -- will become a criminal act."

Heirloom seeds is what they're now calling the standard non-GMO engineered seeds. The stuff we used to be able to eat.

And that means, if one is following the doctrine of mens rea here, that the Brussels sprouts' intentions are revealed by their words, if not yet, their deeds.

See you on the flip side.