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May 14, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one appeared on RT, and in the wake of yesterday's blog about the US Air Force sacking certain nuclear weapons crews for what was apparently just plain stupidity (not to mention an apparent collapse of military discipline), I thought it appropriate to follow up with another brief blog about how ridiculous the "no tolerance" policy towards weapons in our school systems has become:

Chicago teacher suspended for showing tools to students

That's right, you read it here, or rather, on Russia Today, first: wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and presumably drills, pliers, miter boxes, saws, screws, nails, Allen wrenches, t-sqaures (heck, why not the whole drafting toolbox too) and all manner of toolbox evil now constitute weapons in the all-seeing, omnicompetent wisdom of some nitwit bureaucrats and administrators in the Chicago school system. One wonders: if there are such things as shop classes any more in American schools, how they're going to justify the presence of drill presses, band saws, circular saws, and a whole host of evil things that lurk in the secret arsenals of high school shop and home economics classes (if there even are such things any more...frankly, I doubt it).

This is why America is now the disfunctional empire: it's impossible to fire anyone this stupid(just look at Congress, and think McConnell, Reed, Pelosi, Boehner, Boxer, or Feinstein here), while the competent - like this veteran teacher - are actually punished.  A society this screwed up, to paraphrase one of its icons, cannot "long endure."

And the result is equally culturally damning: to defend themselves, the competent have to resort to the corrupt courts, where they may or may not prevail. If they prevail, then they are paid, and in this case, the cost of their victory are passed on to the taxpayers that fund the whole stinking mess to begin with. If they do not prevail, then the idiocracy wins a victory, and is emboldened to ever more stupidity.

All this simply boils down to the loss of common sense, and the inability of bureaucrats to spell out every last detail for every possible contingency in their policy books, policy books that, incidentally, continue to grow to the point that teachers must spend more time wading through the morass contained in them than they do teaching actual content (a lesson they learned well when in their teachers' colleges and edubabble departments, where they learned more about "method" and "lesson planning" and "team work" and "educational psychology" than they did about the actual content of the subjects they want to teach, old-fashioned passe things like Enlish grammar and literature, biology, know, "stuff like that").

There's a geopolitical angle to all this rising idiocracy, too, as I attempted to point out yesterday: with stupidity on the rise in the Western world, with the USA leading the lemming-like charge off the cliffs of idiocy, a technological military cannot ultimately be sustained, and hence the very basis of American power is being eroded by the education system itself and the political hacks its supports and is supported by.  Rest assured, you won't find other nations, especially Russia, taking this suicide medicine. They probably still have real schools, with a majority of competent teachers, over there.  But then again, they gave us Pavlov. It remained for Americans to turn the salivation into a pedagogical method involving bells, whistles, and "methods."

See you on the flip side.