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May 1, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you're like me, you smell something rotten in the whole Marathon Bombing incident in Boston. For one thing, as I've already noted, the tragedy occurred during a massive global take-down of paper gold and silver, and that, to me, just is not coincidental. Since then, it has emerged that "a foreign nation," most likely Russia's FSB, warned the FBI about the alleged suspects, so once again, there was a form of prior knowledge involved, even as the sock puppets in the media and talk radio were ranting against the people that were already raising questions. Then there were all the pictures that began to be circulated... an explosion to which the private security people are not reacting, a bomb with ball bearings and bb's, that exploded but supposedly did not leave any shrapnel holes around it... there's more, but it is of a brutal and gory nature, and it's best, for now, left unsaid.

Now it emerges that there may be yet another connection, and this one is clearly to some sort of organization with ties to the US national police state security establishment.

Russian, Romanian Press – Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was Recruited By Brzezinski’s Jamestown Foundation

The original Romanian article, for those interested, is here:

Presa rusă: Tamerlan Ţarnaev, atacatorul de la Boston, a fost instruit în acţiuni teroriste chiar de americani, în Georgia

Now, there might be a certain segment of the population that would immediately dismiss this story since it comes from the Russian and Romanian press. After all, you can't trust those Communists, even though those countries are not Communist any more. But when examined, neither Russia nor Romania has anything to gain by fabricating a story of this magnitude, and as noted above, it is already acknowledged that Russia most likely was the country that warned the USA about the suspects.

Thus, we're left with the disturbing possibility that this is more blowback from the misguided attempts of geopolitical madmen like Zbgnw Brzznsk, or the backers of the so-called "color" revolutions that were used to strip former Soviet republics from the Russian sphere of influence.  But the blowback here should be noted, for if the connections outlined in this article should indeed be corroborated, then we're left with the disquieting possibility that this whole sad episode is a first step in the bringing of the color revolutions to America. After all, they tried with the Occupy movement, and failed.

See you on the flip side.