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May 3, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

It's interesting to see how foreign news, and in particular, the Russian media, is handling the Boston Marathon Bombing. And there is an interesting development in this article; see if you can spot it:

'Confusion and inconsistencies': How US plans to distract public from real truth about Boston

What caught my attention, and probably yours, was the last two paragraphs:

(Sybel Edmonds): "We all have to really look at the timing of this, because again the US media is portraying this incident by itself. It’s not putting it in the context of things that have been happening in the past – let’s say one year so – or recent stuff – we had this case of NGOs being shut down by the Russian government, which was a very smart move, because we know that the majority of these NGOs have CIA agendas, as they’re operated and managed by CIA people. And this is one way of infiltrating Russia by the US government, the CIA.

"So, if you start putting these in context and also add the fact that Russia has been the biggest obstacle for the United States to get in and directly attack Syria – that’s when you start to see the bigger picture and that’s what the people should be paying attention to. Again, the false information that is being put forth by US media is that since the fall of the Soviet Union the United States has refrained from intervening in the Russia-Chechnya situation. And that is purely false. Since mid-1990’s, the US directly, or through Turkey has been arming, training, managing, orchestrating not only Chechens but also other factions in the region – and we are looking  at Central Asia and the Caucasus."

Now I and others following this story have already voiced our suspicions over the whole incident: the peculiar "coincidence" of the bombing occurring on the same day as the meltdown in paper bullion, while concurrently demand for physical gold and silver was climbing!  Then, previously this week, I blogged about the possible connection of the alleged terrorists to a foundation with suspicious connections to the US intelligence community.

Now, Sybel Edmonds on RT is suggesting a "wider context," one which includes the post-Soviet "color revolutions" which expanded NATO influence into the former Soviet republics of the Ukraine and Byelorussia, in spite of solemn assurances of George H.W. Bush to Mikhail Gorbachev that this would not happen. (Really, does anyone believe anything coming out of the mouths of that famdamnly?)

What raised my eyebrows here was, of course, the alleged Turkish connection, one that I have not found mentioned anywhere else, but which concerns me. The pattern of terrorist operations in the west in the past thirty to forty years, if not longer, has been clear: real operations have been consistently piggybacked on drills, which 9-11 itself being the premier and signal example of this. But there are others: Boston shows it, the Oklahoma City Bombing showed signs of it, and as I detailed in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, Daniel Ganser's superlative research in NATO'S Secret Armies, and Richard Cotrell's more recent Gladio: NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis (the title says it all folks, and yes, there's Nazi International and Mafia angles to all of this, deeply connected with that hidden financial system), even the Anders Breivik shootings and the bombing in Oslo were conducted during a drill.

Now, for those who have read those books, Turkey is a key player in these terrorist false flag incidents, and that raises a red flag about the whole Chechnya connection.  As I speculated a few blogs back, the Chechnya connection may be the attempt of the West to "call for greater international cooperation" in "resolving" the disputes in Chechnya, as part of the bigger geopolitical game of dislodging the last vestiges of Russian influence in the resource-rich Caucasus region. All that, of course, would be but code for the injection of Western/NATO power directly into the region.

My guess? The West and NATO is opening Pandora's box here, and they will be no more successful in their efforts in the Caucasus, than was Adolf Hitler.

Can you say Stalingrad, Zbigniew?

See you on the flip side.