There's more news, some good, some bad, on the GMO battlefront. First the good news, because after all, the bad news is predictable(more government corruption and collusion with the corporate world. Remember what Honest Abe said: that government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations, shall not perish, etc etc and... oh, wait, he didn't say that? How do you know? I read it in my American History textbook...what? You found the true version of his words online? Oh that's just the internet, I don't believe anything it says. I believe Congress, the FDA, SeeBS).

Anyway, here's the good news:

Peru bans GMOs Read more: http://www.trueactivist.com/peru-bans-gmos/

That's right: yet another "backward" South American country has enough common sense to realize that the whole GMO idea is just plain bad: there has not been adequate testing, and as the article points out, there's another danger lurking in the wings that inevitably accompanies the allowance of GMOs, and that's the lack of a diverse bio0culture:

“'They’re a big monoculture, which is why people usually end up using GMOs,' says Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino about the detriments of factory farming, as quoted by CSMonitor.com. Schiaffino owns two restaurants in Lima that serve clean, native foods, including many unique varieties found only in the Amazon rainforest. '[W]hen you have monocultures, the crops end up getting diseases, and you have to look for these extreme ways to fix them.'

"So to prevent the complete loss of a farming tradition that has long incorporated the diverse cultivation of a plethora of native and indigenous crops, Peruvians have decided to simply disallow the raping and pillaging of their rich soils with toxic GMOs. And in the process, this embargo will help perpetuate the native biodiversity practices that have sustained Peruvians since the days when the Incan Empire reigned supreme."

To put it a bit more plainly and irreverently, the reason GMOs are bad can easily be seen by examining the marriage practices of the power elites, who marry into the same families over and over again, continue to go to the same schools, over and over again, joining the same secret societies and participating in the same naked wrestling in the mud initiation rituals over and over again, with the results of declining intelligence. Just look, for example, at the Bush family. Or look at the intelligence of yesteryears' banksters, compared to the current generation.
But there's even more good news. In the state Vermont, where people can apparently still read and think, a state GMO labeling law has been passed:
Actually, that's probably not as good news as it may seem at first glance, for one can imagine what corporate screws might be turned if state agriculture departments started doing health studies on GMOs, or if they were to start banning targeted GMO products.
The bad news is this:
Or maybe that's actually good news, in that it means that in the wake of increasing international concerns and mounting opposition to GMOs and the heavy-handed tactics and mercantilism with which they have been imposed thus far, it now requires an international army of lobbyists and payoff money to force them into "new markets", i.e., new human bellies. Having introduced new health concerns, pharmaceutical companies can then move into the same markets and sell their "miracle drugs". What is really of concern here is the following statement:
"In a cable sent from the Slovakian consulate in 2005, the State Department is told that the local post 'will continue its efforts to dispel myths about GMOs and advocate on behalf of Monsanto.'"
That's right, the agribusiness giant - and one can only assume its few competitors - has grown to the point that, like I.G. Farben, it can call on the Foreign Ministry of the Reich...er...the State Department, to exert diplomatic pressure. We can imagine what comes next: Heimatsicherheitshauptamt drones spying on people raising unregistered petunias or storing heirloom seeds, or raising an illegal tomato plant, patdowns for a bag of seeds.   Rest assured, if we can think of it here, they've already thought of it at Mon(ster)santo and probably discussed it at the Blunderberg meetings.
See you on the flip side.
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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Margaret on May 30, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    In the U.S.
    Labeling: Vermont House bill passed, Senate bill expected to pass in January. Connecticut bill passed in Senate, House vote pending.
    [Unfortunately, the US Senate again obliged Monsanto by voting against an amendment in the Farm Bill that would have guaranteed states the right to decide to enact mandatory GMO labeling laws. Monsanto will likely challenge. Some years back, Monsanto tried to prevent various states from requiring labeling of rBGH/rBST bovine growth hormone in dairy products but states eventually won in court.]

    [Here’s a short clip of VP Bush Sr. visiting Monsanto. Seems USDA is taking too long to approve trials due to bothersome regulations … Bush jovially offers, “Call me. We’re in the ‘dereg’ business. Maybe we can help.” And he went on as president to promote a Regulatory Relief Initiative to eliminate unnecessary regulations on biotech.
    https://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=fCer5NmEw5U ]

    In Europe:
    Danish authorities confirm GM crops are finished in Denmark due to poor tests results and consumer resistance.

    According to Brandon Mitchener, Monsanto’s European PR man, GMOs are too unpopular. Monsanto only wants to sell biotech seeds where there is widespread support among consumers and politicians, and a regulated system in place. With the exception of Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic Monsanto is halting production in Europe of all gmo corn. Field trials only continue in Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

    In Asia:
    In Australia there is a move away from gmos; canola seeds are selling for half-price due to lack of demand.

    Japan cancels future wheat orders after report of experimental, unapproved gmo wheat discovered in Oregon field.

    China’s quarantine bureau intercepted and destroyed shipments of gmo corn not meeting its biosafety laws. China is negotiating with Brazil to supply non-gmo soy for which consumers are willing to pay more.

    Africa, an area of concern. African groups are challenging a new wave of colonialism by predatory multinational biotech corps intent on modernizing African agriculture, trade, and food. G8’s proposed ‘harmonization’ of trade laws and government policies will give preference to protecting the interests [and profits] of corporations and investors over the rights of Africans who have concerns about commercial mono-cropping, loss of biodiversity, soil and water pollution, and water shortages.

    “It’s time to make Goliath go lieth down.” — Swami Beyondananda

  2. Reno on May 30, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    Natural News reported the VT law passed with 96% of the vote. This margin could make one think the CA vote was rigged. Apparently VT is going to be sued by Monstersanto or challenged in some way, thanks to the “US” senate. I would guess that VT may lead the nation with the highest % of the population that has not completely lost their minds Their are no billboards along the interstate for one thing. For tea party types that equate liberalism with gun confiscation, this state thought of as the most liberal (think chomsky, pallast, feminism ,ecology, buy local-especially food), has the least restrictive gun laws.

  3. Frankie Calcutta on May 30, 2013 at 7:43 am

    I don’t know much about this news source:


    “The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting this past week with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.

    According to these minutes, released in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (MNRE), Putin was so incensed over the Obama regimes refusal to discuss this grave matter that he refused for three hours to even meet with Kerry, who had traveled to Moscow on a scheduled diplomatic mission, but then relented so as to not cause an even greater rift between these two nations.

    At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.”

    Add to that Israel’s recent threats regarding Russia’s impending(?) delivery of the S- 300 air defense system:

    “Israel resembles Hezbollah in its belief that it can choose who it wishes to fight. Hezbollah wants to strike at Sunni rebels in Syria, and yet it wants to avoid conflict with Sunnis in Lebanon. But how much longer will this approach work?

    Israel is under pressure to halt any future missile deliveries to Hezbollah. The Lebanese organization, for its part, has to live up to its own propaganda. Hezbollah can hardly justify sending more than 1,000 men to fight in Qusair, where there are neither Shiite shrines nor Israeli soldiers, while simultaneously doing nothing as Israel bombards an arsenal intended for its use.

    The two sides are still merely threatening each other, and despite the propaganda, an open war still seems a distant possibility. Moscow’s decision to provide Syria with the modern S-300 air defense system does make a war slightly more likely, but it is still unclear whether the Russians will change their mind at the last minute. Even after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow on May 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that Moscow would still deliver the S-300 to Syria, noting it was contractually obliged to do so.

    If the S-300 — which, under the agreement with Moscow, would include six batteries and 144 missiles — were ready for use in the near future, it would destroy Israel’s absolute air superiority. Its jets would be within range of the S-300 missiles shortly after takeoff. Russia has an interest in keeping Assad in power. But Hezbollah would also be largely immune to attacks under Syria’s air-defense umbrella.

    “Israel cannot and will not allow this to happen,” says Giora Eiland, a retired general and former national security adviser. “This is a very difficult issue for us. After all, we don’t want a war with Russia. But if they do go ahead with the delivery, the response will likely be dramatic.”

    Things are certainly heating up. What “dramatic response” would the Israelis counter with?

    • Frankie Calcutta on May 30, 2013 at 7:49 am

      While it may seem far fetched to be so bellicose over the destruction of the global bee population, it really isn’t, if there is indeed a bee holocaust taking place. A world leader in Putin’s position can do no less. Humanity truly is at stake.

      But are these demon bee killers so crazy that they really aim to replace bees with robots? Absolute insanity! How can you go about your daily business and function in normal society when you know stuff like this?

    • Margaret on May 30, 2013 at 9:44 am

      Caveat lector! … I would be very suspicious of this Russian warning because the headline and ‘story’ originates w/ Sorcha Faal*, widely suspected as an intelligence disinfo source. The headline has been picked up by EUTimes and spread widely to other media, including this one. The bulk of the ‘story’ appears legitimate because it is loaded with links to valid news sources re the use of chemicals and bee deaths … BUT there is no critical link to those ‘shocking’ minutes used as a basis for the headline and opening warning. And there is NO mention in the linked Putin/Kerry meeting article of Russian outrage over US/Obama support of biotech and bee apocalypse, much less that it was the reason why Putin kept Kerry waiting for three hours. The take-away question then is … who’s meddling and why?

      * whatdoesitmean dot com/index1679.htm

    • henry on May 30, 2013 at 9:48 am

      What about the recent hacking allegations against the Chinese by both Australia and America?

      Interestingly, right after Julia Gillard returned to Australia from her recent China trip (with a “failed” free trade negotiation with the Chinese), Australian federal police promptly arrested the leader of an Australian hacker group affiliated with Anonymous.

      And now both the U.S. and it’s “unique” ally Australia are beating the “red alert! cyber security breaches by Chinese hacking” drums again at the same time?
      throwing in the mix, is this report by RT,

      Kind of “coincidental” to me, that upon Gillard’s returning to Australia, Anonymous related group was subsequently targeted, after that, now you have both the U.S. and its ally Australia alarmed by Chinese hacking as part of this onging “China-US cyberwar” saga, which according to the RT report, that somehow has Anonymous “involved”?

      Something smell “fishy” there… especially considering that in Australia’s case, it’s mainstream media which are the loud ones, while the Australian officials including the PM seem rather “low profile” compared to their medias.

      No doubt, a “cold war” has been going on between the BRICS alliance and the U.S.-led West for quite sometime now, but i would not fall into the scam of Wen Ho Lee’s case, and for that matter the Cox Report. As i would not reply on “lame stream” media portray of these events.

      Skipping the main stream reports (which were never the whole truth), it seems the Americans are accusing the Chinese of hacking their “advanced weapon systems”, while their Australian counterpart have their ASIO “building plans” stolen.

      It could just be simple exchange of fires between the two sides in this ongoing “cyber cold war”, with Western medias pretending that the Chinese never took any “casualties” as usual, and with Australia reaffirming its allegiance to it’s traditional military ally on the backdrop of the recent disappointing trade negotiation with the Chinese.

      But a building struction+advanced weapon system? and the U.S+Australia?
      Well, let’s just speculate little for “fun”, what’s the “national security” structure that is both “advanced weapon platform” and “involves both the U.S. and Australia”?

      Can one say “Pine Gap”? But what “Pine Gap” has anything to do with the Chinese? Well, just look at the extreme weathers which has been troubling China for quite sometime this year. Some extreme weathers were “unprecedented” or even “never seen before” in China.

      If there is a “structure” which could function as “advanced weapon system”, and is shared by both the U.S. and Australia, It seems “Pine Gap”, AKA “area 52” would fit nicely into the scenario of “Covert wars and Breakaway civilization”. And rest assured, if there is indeed such “invisible war” going on, the Chinese are definitely among the “belligerents”.

  4. henry on May 30, 2013 at 3:29 am

    China destroys three shipments of GM corn from US

    Like “national hero” Lin Zexu from late Qing dynasty before, who said no to British/banksters opium by publicly destroying British opiums in the Humen town which subsequently triggered the “Opium wars”, only difference is, this time around China has enough defense capability to ward off the evil which has hosted itself in the West.

    Unfortunately, the corrupted “Shanghai faction” has sold their nation to these Western elites so much, that it will take much longer time and much more efforts for the country to get rid of GMO poisons altogether. Fortunately many people in China are waking up to the dangers and deceptions of GMOs, and the new government is realising the problem as well because they appear to pay attention to what people are saying about GMOs on the Chinese internet.

    It was under the rule of “Shanghai faction”, corruptions went rampant and the
    Chinese customs were severely compromised by these foreign finanical interests (yes, the R&Rs think their money can buy everything, even a nation, because they understand man is corruptible by greed) that the Channel for illegal smuggling of foreign goods was to become a serious problem. One only need to think of the case of “China’s most wanted fugitive” in Canada, Lai Changxing to imagine how corrupted China was under the leadership of the “Shanghai clique”.

    That’s probably why we see the Chinese leader from the “Shanghai clique” went to Israel for a relaxing swim, and sitting besides the British Queen in the same carriage, which were “unprecedented” for a Chinese leader. But it doesn’t happen to Chinese leaders from “internal opposition” to the “Shanghai clique”.

    Dr. Farrell’s observation is true when he says “Hu jintao is not Mao zedong, he’s not even Deng xiaoping”, though i doubt many his Western readers really understand what he says. But as far as the situation with “shanghai faction” is concerned, i would also add, “Hu jintao is definitely not Jiang zemin”.

    And to understand the subtle yet obvious difference between that Chinese politics is to undertand why China is “embracing” and “destroying” GMOs at the same time.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 30, 2013 at 11:25 am


  5. basta on May 30, 2013 at 2:22 am

    A rider to the next “law” promoting GMOs rubberstamped by the US Congress should have an amendment added that mandates that all State Department and USG-dependent commissaries, the world over, including those of the Congress and the White House, proudly serve GMO food only, and to state this on all menus with bold 14 pt type.

    That should fix this problem rather quickly.

  6. marcos toledo on May 29, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    The dope dealers of the universe are on the march. To enslave and kill us sub humans these Davaros are and have been monstrous and always will be. That all they live for they weld the boot in the face of humanity every time that is how they get their kicks.

    • Elm on May 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm

      The “sub-humans” are those most conspiring & indulging in a cacophany of engineered pretexts to undermine & destroy humanity. As they have no trust in humanity, they more than any are least trustworthy.

  7. Elm on May 29, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    Yes Joseph, about another Presidential warning, on October 12, 2008, to quote from your posting… “And this, of course, puts President Eisenhower’s departing warning to the American people in a chilling perspective: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

    And then there’s Kennedy at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, April 27, 1961, “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

    And yes, there are the 150 immortal words & revealed character of Abraham Lincoln in his address at Gettysburg, the spirit & content of which would have not only been in complete accord with Lincoln’s warning about Corporate power, but an observation upon which he reluctantly would have first considered a possibility of a war between the states, that, “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” — U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864 (letter to Col. William F. Elkins)

    There is no reason to believe Lincoln’s words, are as some may venture to suggest, a post Civil War “forgery,” words equally relevant to 1861, and also to 1871, with a passing of “The Act of 1871,” which established the Legal framework for a founding of the Alien District of Columbia, a Corporate measure which would likely not have succeeded under Lincoln. Simply stated, The seditious Act of 1871 was dependent upon Lincoln’s removal.

  8. Frankie Calcutta on May 29, 2013 at 6:39 pm

    “This embargo will help perpetuate the native biodiversity practices that have sustained Peruvians since the days when the Incan Empire reigned supreme.”

    These biodiversity practices were sustaining the Peruvians long before the Incan Empire. The Incan Empire was a legacy civilization and probably not much different than the Roman Empire in its thinking– perpetual conquest. Add to that a tyrannical priest class that enjoyed human sacrifice just as much as our banksters (if they were not banksters themselves) . That being said, I would hate to see their 2000 varieties of potatoes reduced to one. The agricultural heritage of Peru is almost the antithesis of modern American Big Agriculture. Sadly, so much of it is lost already and we will never truly know from the remnants of their ancient agricultural systems how exactly they were utilized. We will just have to wait for the next cataclysm and the return of the Tall Bearded Wise Men to teach these and other cultural practices again. I only wish for once they would come before the cataclysm and show us how to wipe out these banksters and put us back in harmony with our Sun. That cataclysm with all its death and destruction and then the ensuing years of living in filthy caves as illiterate cannibals is too much. Why does humanity have to go through this over and over again? Clearly we are not learning anything with these cycles of bankster greed and viciousness followed by global calamity. Give us a break for chrissakes and help us out for once.

    But back on the topic of GMO”s here in the US, the soccer moms are now jumping on board the anti-GMO/Monsanto bandwagon so this plan of attack by the ugly ones is pretty much finished. Once the soccer mom’s turn, the ugly ones know that battle front is lost and new action is required. I expect we will see Monsanto retreat in the next couple of years. The question is: how will they re-group and resume their onslaught? Accelerate the poisoning with the time they have left? Wait until the drones are in place? Unleash a pestilence that wipes out all non-GMO crops? Or has the damage already been done as planned? I’m sure their supercomputers must have foreseen this inevitable public backlash to their flagrant attempts at killing us. I just wonder what they will think of next.

    And while it might get you out of debt, or much needed drug money, or a new music/cinema contract, or possibly scandalous information kept secret, coming out in favor of GMO’s is the kiss of death for a celebrity.

    • henry on May 30, 2013 at 11:45 am

      By “Tall Bearded Wise Men”, are you talking about “Viracocha”?

      Here is something for you to consider which history textbooks never covered.

      and no, i’m not trying to say “China discovered the Americas before Columbus”, on the contrary, according to ancient Chinese legend of “ten suns of the Fusang tree”, it would appear the Chinese acutally came from the Americas. It’s even possible they came from the Americas to China via some kind of advanced transport systems, like spaceships, or Pyramid teleportation.

      • Elm on May 30, 2013 at 4:56 pm

        Thanks Henry for this link.

        Lots of timely & enlightening information here.

        Best, Elm

      • Frankie Calcutta on June 2, 2013 at 1:09 pm


        “By “Tall Bearded Wise Men”, are you talking about “Viracocha”?”


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