May 6, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been following the blogs over the last few days, you've probably noticed that I've been trying to reinforce the connection between all this vast financial fraud in the western world, and the huge system of covert operations and research that it was ultimately designed to sustain. After all, creating a postwar technocratic empire requires a LOT - and I mean, a LOT of money. (A "LOT" is bigger than "a lot" by indeterminate orders of magnitude. The word, "gimungous" comes to mind, with thanks to Art Bell for coining this gimungously useful word).

So what have they been researching? I suspect, if you've also been following the "transhumanist alchemical scrapbook" we've been assembling here, that it's being used to develop eminently practical technologies, like insect-sized and insect-like drones:

RoboBee Maneuvers and Hovers Like a Flying Insect

...or super-human bionic ears with super-hero hearing with 3D printer ears...

Rise of the Cybermen: The Terminator-style bionic ear that could give people 'superman' hearing

...or enhanced memory chip implants for the brain, useful for spies, super-soldiers, or colossally dumb politicians eager to impress:

Memory Implants

So let's play DARPA (that's the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, in case you forgot...or, as a friend of mine put it, Mr. J.B.: Dumb-Assed idiots Role-Playing the Apocalypse...hey, it's a dirty job but somebody else besides American evangelicals and Islamicist radicals have to do it, right?).

Now, as most of you know, I believe the inspiration behind President Beware-the-Military-Industrial-Complex-While-I-Hypocritically-Create-it Eisenhower's creation of ARPA (which in the soap opera of the national security state, became DARPA after several intermarriages and still-born bureaucratic offspring) was Nazi Germany's Kammlerstab, named for the infamous SS Obergruppenfuehrer Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler, whose major contribution to human affairs was the design of Auschwitz, the creation of a superweapons think tank (we'll get back to that), and of course his superlative transhumanist feat of dying no less than four times, on different days and under different circumstances, only to escape (according to some), to the USA or(according to others) to the USSR, or still others (including me) to Argentina, or to remain living comfortably in Prague as an international high tech arms dealer (according to still others). get the idea.

Anyway, back to ARPA/DARPA and the Kammlerstab: the reason I think the Nazi outfit may have been part of the inspiration for the American group is its hallmark signatures of (1) brainstorming the technology trees of the future, (2) mapping out what is needed to bring it about, (3) going after it, and most importantly (4) combining existing and/or projected technologies in creative ways, all of which are the signatures of the Dumb-Assed idiots Role-Playing the Apocalypse.

Oh, and let's not forget the overall fascist outlook of the societies both groups sought to emplace.

So let's play DARPA with just the three-above-named technologies. We can envision exoskeletons or genetically engineered humans with bees' wings able to hover, or even human memories encoded on chips of these insect-sized drones, and giving whichever creation an implant to "super-size" its hearing, and voila our very own hu-bee, or bee-man...whatever. Or, why go to all that trouble? Just make the bee-drone with its enhanced memory and super-hearing but an extension of a human operator in a drone center in an underground bunker, and drop zillions of the things from airplanes when you're spraying Orange county with aluminum silicate, and you have an instant drone army of spies to spy on the sick people in Orange county.  Make some of them mosquitoes, and you have a nifty little delivery system for vaccines or other toxins. Forget about those KGB Prussic acid or polonium-shooting umbrellas or CIA poisoned cigars.... old news.

Don't laugh...if a hack from South Dakota can think of it, they probably thought of it a long time ago. And with a virtually bottomless well of money to dip into, just think of all the other possibilities.

See you on the flip side.