May 4, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

In yesterday's News and Views from the Nefarium (May 3, 2013) I pointed out how the story of the Japanese Operation Golden Lily World War Two bullion plunder from Asia, and the secret system of finance it was used to construct, has finally broken out into a wider audience:

So where's all the gold coming from?

In Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations I argued that the evidence seemed to point to the use of this Axis plunder to establish an entirely secret system of finance for covert operations and back projects research.  As I noted yesterday, I am not arguing that I think such a system would eventually work, but merely that this is what appears to be the decision taken by politicians (President Truman), military men (General of the Army Douglas McArthur), and various technocrats within the emerging post-war military-industrial-intelligence-finance complex.

I also argued there, and the above-referenced article confirms, that the various numbers quoted in public for the amount of gold reserves in the world are deliberately obfuscated, making a system of fraudulent re-hypothecation of bullion all but inevitable. I have speculated additionally that, if indicators of the Japanese plunder are true, then "Yamashita's Gold" may actually magnify the amount by possibly an order of magnitude.

But the flip side of this obfuscated amount of gold is that the re-hypothecation - again, as I implied in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations - vastly exceeded the actual amount of physical gold, which in turn may exceed by possibly an order of magnitude the publicly stated amounts.

It is this vast and secret rehypothecation that in turn allowed a vast system of leverage to be created and slowly injected over the long years since the end of World War Two into the public system, via the hidden empire of covert operations and black projects (and bear that relationship in mind: vast hidden finance, fraud, and an empire of advanced technologies and covert operations, for the exposure of the one, hidden finance, jeopardizes the existence of the other).

Now, in partial confirmation of my admittedly bizarre and tangled(not to mention high octane) speculation, there is this article confirmed the fact that "paper gold" vastly exceeds the amount(whatever it may be) of physical gold:

The Global Fractional Paper Bullion Market is Collapsing

Now, this does not mean, of course, that the market for physical possession of bullion is collapsing; probably the reverse. But it should give pause to those American states that have been considering or passing resolutions or laws making gold and silver coins legal tender, for again, their value depends on a whole set of market conditions, which, as noted in this article, have been vastly distorted on the paper end of things, and that in turn would - or at least should - reflect in distortions upward of the physical price.  If that "extra magnitude of order" were suddenly dumped, without respect to any paper rehypothecation on it, then...

...well, you get the picture.

The financial oligarchs are not about to come clean on the real amounts of bullion, nor on the real amounts of rehypothecation, any time soon. After all, that is part of a much larger technocracy and covert operations system; indeed, the whole dynamic of that system would tend to suggest that the banksters - those families whose surnames begin with "R", and all their associates and intermarriages - long ago lost control of that game to the intelligence, military, and corporate technocrats,in other words to those who moved easily between all the black worlds of intelligence, finance, covert ops, and black projects.

And as I suggested in yesterday's News and Views, I suspect that this vast system, and its relationship to black projects technocracies and covert operatives, is really what is being quietly and deliberately targeted by the BRICSA nations and their growing alliances, for they realize that if this monster is allowed to grow, then there will come a point of no return beyond which to challenge it is national, economic, and cultural suicide.


See you on the flip side.