May 11, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

On Thursday May 9th's News and Views from the Nefarium, I referred to a very important article by Darryl Robert Schoon that was kindly forwarded to me by Ms. N.H. And though I commented extensively in that News and Views, it did not exhaust what I believe to be the significance of Mr. Schoon's post, nor the underlying possibilities he is implying. So, as a refresher, here's the link to his article:

Gold: Who's Selling Who's Buying Who's Lying

Now why bother talking about this again?

Well, for one thing, the implications alone are arresting. Consider that, as a matter of serious financial analysis, researchers are now linking what is ultimately

  1. a hidden system of finance 
  2. based upon World War Two Axis plunder
  3. that was kept entirely secret and administered by factions or groups within the American military-industrial-intelligence complex,

and that all of this is now entering the mainstream on financial analysis. In other words, it's now on the radar. Of course, we won't find CNoNews, Faux News, SeeBS, or any other such corporatized media organs talking about it any time soon. But it has nonetheless made the "internet mainstream" so to speak. That, folks, is hugely significant, for it means an even more expanded set of research parameters, and that means more and more people will scrutinize the historical story, making connections to contemporary events. Indeed, as I suggested in Thursday's News and Views, one might expect the media of the BRICSA nations to run stories focusing on this or that detail, exposing more of what they know of it (and rest assured, both Russia and China know a great deal about it).  I suspect the historical aspects of the story will, in fact, become a focus of their media.

Additionally, there is an enormous geopolitical implication, for as I have suggested in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, the establishment of such a hidden system means that two things happened to the Western central banks and prime banks: (1) some of them became parties or instrumentalities to the scheme, while simultaneously (2) facing serious competition in the form of intelligence agencies who, as administrators of the hidden system, became effectively central bankers and prime bankers in their own right, establishing various international banks and other corporate structures in service of the system (think BCCI, Nugan Hand, and even Michele Sindona and Liccio Gelli here folks).

With this in mind, let's return to Schoon's article. He notes that the argument, thus far presented, is that since the central banks appear to be buying gold at the reduced prices while the paper market explodes, they therefore couldn't be the movers of the vast quantities of gold into the markets that has been recorded since 2006. It therefore had to be a government with access to large amounts of gold, and that led to the conclusion of (1) the US government and (2) Yamashita's gold.

But note what is happening: one faction in the scheme (US intelligence) is selling large amounts of gold through various public laundering cutouts to another faction in the scheme (central and prime banks). And that's precisely where the game gets very interesting... for consider the other implication I've been arguing over the past couple of years:

If the publicly-stated amounts of gold in existence are (1) massively obfuscated as a matter of domestic and national security by various governments and central banks, and (2) if there is a connection between recent bullion market activities and "Yamashita's gold," then one faction - namely the banks - could be in for a very rude awakening, for the other faction - namely intelligence - would be in the position of having an accurate estimation of the actual amounts of gold in existence, they, and their former Axis partners-in-fraud, if you take my meaning.

And of course, there are other "recent coincidences" with all this bullion activity and other events, that I'll leave you to work out on your own...

... See you on the flip side.