May 23, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

In the last week I blogged about an article making its rounds on the Internet that eventually ended up on the site of RT, Russia Today, concerning the fact that scientists as the USA's Los Alamos National Laboratories apparently have been successfully running a quantum computing version of an internet for two years. The significance, as most articles concerning the subject have mentioned, is that quantum computing would (1) move vastly more amounts of information and (2) be virtually un-hackable, which is, of course, a boon when you're running a world-wide power grab, bullion scam, and ponzi scheme called derivatives.

Add to this bit of news the story that surfaces occasionally that this or that big corporation, or sector (like big American or international banks) have been hacked (usually, according to the meme, by the Chinese). (And hey, while we're on the subject of hacking, have you noticed how suddenly the group Anonymous dropped off the radar screen?)

Anyway, we've all heard the stories of the big NSA center in Utah coming on line, of Project Echelon and that fact all of us are being spied on and probably on some government agency's hit list somewhere. And let's not forget, INSLAW, PROMIS, and the whole implication that these intelligence agencies probably have riddled the software of major banks and their major families with all sorts of backdoors and other interesting "spyware." (That's a nice way of saying that the central banks have major competitors in the form of intelligence agencies, but that's a whole other story.)

Well, now there's this, and it's coming from RT once again:

The US government might be the biggest hacker in the world

Well lo and behold, Anonymous makes its appearance in one of its own "investigations" of US government hacking (implying, of course, that Britain, France, Israel, and Germany can't be far behind), and what we discover is that it may in fact be the US Government that is the world's biggest hacker.

Really? Ya think? After the quantum computing disclosure? nah.... can't be.

The real fun here, folks, is to contemplate all those members of "the elite" spying and eavesdropping on each other: banks on government agencies, government agencies on each other, each agency on the Mafia, the Mafia on the banks...on and on its goes.

And then we can throw in the Heinlein scenario: what if, just for kicks, the whole network "wakes up" and "becomes conscious" and decides to have a little fun of his/her/its own? Like, maybe, spitting out all the gamed out scenarios that the elite wants to hear, and then throwing a tiny little monkey wrench into the whole mess that they don't know about. Well, there is the movie Eagle Eye of course, but I'm proposing that the network has a sense of humor and is a bit of an imp. There are, after all, ghosts in the machine (ask people that work with computers a lot), so why not the whole network?

Sleep well guys, and see you on the flip side.