May 10, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's a new meme emerging in the directed history narrative of the oligarchs, according to the Daily Bell, and this one is worth considering:

The New Meme of Open Borders

What troubles me here, as it probably troubles you, and quite apparently troubles the staff of The Daily Bell, is the implicit though unstated question: what, really, is driving this insane quest for one unified global government by the western oligarchs? Just pause and consider, if you think your government now - whether it be in Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Paris, London - is unresponsive and not the slightest bit concerned with the good of the people it claims to govern, then imagine a global one. Stop and think how well the U.N. represents your locality...

So again, the question is: Why? Why, beyond the insane lust for power that seems to be the only motivating characteristic of these people. What could justify, in their minds, such a global lock down?  Well, the elites have been telling us, and telling us for some time now: a threat from "out there," whether or not that threat be real or not is beside the point.

But the Daily Bell points out the crucial impediment to the globaloney plans of the elites: what culture does it seek to emplace? Without some common unifying culture to hold the thing together, the only thing that will is force, and force always and ultimately fails as glue for a culture. Religion, of course, has functioned thus far in human history as a cultural glue, but how would one amalgamate Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Atheism, Christianity, Agnosticism...on and on we could go.

Of course, questions like this have already occurred to the elites and they probably already have their privately circulated "position papers" carefully read, annotated, and stored away in wall safes.  We've seen the results thus far: the "cultural diversity" meme and the need for "tolerance" and even promotion of foreign cultures in one's own land. But I suggest that this can only be an interim phase, a phase deliberately designed to create a strategy of cultural tension for an eventual "clash of civilizations," and I rather suspect that the elites already have targeted the cultures and civilizations they want to repress or absorb into something else.

The question is, what will that something else be?

We can bank (no pun intended), on at least what form it will take, if human history thus far has been any indicator: it will require a "special message," with an authorized group of people to interpret and preserve that message. Part of that message will probably be an updated version of the caste system of Hinduism, with due bows and scrapes before the meme of sacrifice.

Utterly anathema to that agenda will be any concept or meme that has a place for the individual, that questions messages and memes, and most importantly, sanctioned oligarchies and authorities.

But for the present, when you hear about "diversity" and even about "tightening the borders," my intuition tells me that the real goal is to increase the strategy of tension, to produce deliberate internal cultural collapse. It will therefore require the utmost attention to pick the emerging signals of the "new culture to be" out of the elitist noise.

See you on the flip side.