1. My 7 year old daughter has been asking this for a year now……sorry my girl, I have absolutely no idea.

  2. The folks at http://www.thunderbolts.info have been talking about this for awhile now.

    Many craters also have a mild hexagonal shape.

    Their explanation is electrical. Before dismissing their explanation I would make sure you can refute it . . . . .

  3. “Something wonderful is coming”! (trying so hard not to laugh but laughter is emitting from my nose).

  4. Reminds me of the Spirograph, This could be a reason as the air currents on this scale and the atmosphere could act a a platform for this to occur?? Maybe??just thought.

  5. marcos toledo

    I wonder what is behind this story on Saturn what new astronomical embarrassment NASA trying to hide.

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Perhaps an ancient technology, on the ground?, that has an effect on space/time, at certain points, within its influence?

  7. Yes, it is a loaded question, and perhaps it is the proverbial line in the sand moniker of the said civilization to be able to perturb THAT planet’s plasma layers to induce a recognizable sign. Getting warmer?

  8. just sound applied to anything rotating there’s videos on YouTube of this… sorry but nothing here

  9. Rosby waves and plasma oscillations. Fluid dynamic harmonics. Inertia and vertical plasma oscillation at specific frequency.

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